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Auto Glass Repair

Importance of Clean and Clear Windshields

Windshields are one of the most critical components in a modern-day car. A windshield plays a vital role in the vehicle’s overall function and performance.…
Auto Glass Repair, Auto Glass Replacement

The Dangers of Driving Around with a Cracked Back Windshield

Driving with a cracked windshield is always a bad idea because it’s dangerous, be it in the front or the back. A lot of people…
Auto Glass Repair, Auto Glass Replacement

Benefits of Getting Your Windshield Replaced by an Expert

According to reports, around 30% of auto insurance claims in the US are related to windshields. This data indicates windshield damage is very common. When…
Auto Glass Repair, Auto Glass Replacement

Proactive Maintenance – Smart Tips You Should Know

Proactive maintenance reduces the likelihood of catastrophic issues and breakdowns, before they happen. Call now for a free quote!
Auto Glass Repair, Auto Glass Replacement

Removing Stains and Marks from Your Auto Glass

Stubborn stains and marks on windshields refuse to go away with gentle cleaning. A lot of times, people don’t pay much attention to these stains…
Auto Glass Repair, Auto Glass Replacement, Broken glass, Crack Repair, Windshield Repair

Here’s Why You Should Get Windshield Cracks Repaired ASAP

Did you just notice a small crack on your windshield? You may think you can drive your car anyway until the weekend when you have…
Auto Glass Repair

How Outside Temperature Affects Your Auto Glass

Prolonged exposure to warm or cold temperatures can impact your car’s windshield. While severe heat or snow may not directly crack or chip your windshield,…
Auto Glass Repair, Auto Glass Replacement

Aftercare Tips to Make Your Windshield Last

Windshield replacement is vital for your safety and other road users if you have experienced an accident or have cracked glass.
Auto Glass Repair

Windshield Leak? Here’s What You Can Do!

Have you ever wondered why the inside of your car, mainly the dashboard, is wet after a quick wash? Well, the bad news is that…