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Reasons Why Windshields Crack

While windshield repairs can be a hassle, ignoring minor damages can lead to bigger and costlier replacements over time. Various factors can ruin your windshield’s…
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Impact of the Summer Heat on Windshields

Modern car windshields are made to withstand severe weather such as rain, strong winds, sleet, snow, and high temperature. Nevertheless, even the most durable auto glass…
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Driving With A Broken Windshield? Yay Or Nay?

Broken windshields are one of the biggest safety hazards when it comes to driving. 23% of estimated 5,870,00 vehicle accidents that take place are weather-related. Windshields…
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What Should Be Done After Your Car Has Been Broken Into—A Guide

According to the FBI, theft on automobile, buses, trucks and scooters were about $6 billion in 2017 with $7,708 on an average day. Every 40.9…

When Should You Avoid Driving?

Timing is that one thing that should always be carefully considered before you get behind the wheel every day. There are certain times of the…

How Does Air Temperature Affect Your Windshield?

As summer arrives, you start noticing chips and cracks on your windshield. These cracks are usually attributed to debris and rocks, or even improper installation…

Helping Your Teen Become a Safer Driver

Is your teen finally old enough to drive? Before letting your teenager go behind the wheel, it’s important for you to ensure they know and…

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