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A Comprehensive Guide to Protecting Your Vehicle During the Hail Storm Season in Houston

Houston, Texas, is no stranger to severe weather, especially during the hail storm season. Hail damage can result in costly repairs or replacements for your vehicle. To help you with protecting your vehicle during this season, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide with practical tips and advice.

Understanding Hail Storms in Houston

Before we dive into protective measures, it’s essential to understand the nature of hail storms in Houston. These storms are typically more common during the spring and summer months when warm, moist air interacts with cold fronts. As a result, hailstones, which are balls of ice, can fall from the sky and wreak havoc on your vehicle.

Parking Strategies

One of the simplest yet effective ways to protect your vehicle during a hail storm is to find suitable shelter. If you have access to a garage or covered parking, use it. In the absence of covered parking, consider alternative options, such as parking under a sturdy awning or a building overhang. Even though this might not guarantee complete protection, it can significantly reduce the chances of hail damage.

Hail Blankets and Car Covers

Investing in a hail blanket or car cover designed to withstand hail impacts is a wise choice. They help with reducing the force of hailstone impacts.

Stay Informed

Stay updated on weather forecasts and warnings. Many weather apps and services provide real-time alerts about severe weather conditions, including hail storms. If you receive a hailstorm warning, consider relocating your vehicle to a safer location as soon as possible.

Use Thick Blankets or Cushions

If you find yourself in a hailstorm without protective cover, you can use thick blankets, pillows, or cushions from inside your vehicle to shield your windshield and windows temporarily. While this may not be foolproof, it can help reduce damage.

Avoid Driving During a Hailstorm

If you’re already on the road when a hailstorm hits, the safest course of action is to find a safe place to pull over and wait until the storm passes. Hailstorms can drastically reduce visibility and make roads slippery, increasing the risk of accidents.

Comprehensive Auto Insurance

Ensure your auto insurance policy includes comprehensive coverage, which typically covers hail damage. Having the right insurance can provide peace of mind knowing that any repair or replacement costs will be covered.

Post-Hail Inspection

After a hailstorm, inspect your vehicle for damage. Look for cracks, chips, or shattered glass on your windshield and windows. Even small dents and cracks should not be ignored, as they can worsen over time. Promptly address any damage to prevent further issues. Car with a clear windshield, driving on the road

Contact a Professional Auto Glass Repair Service

Houston’s hail storm season can be unforgiving, but with the right precautions and strategies, you can protect your vehicle. If your vehicle sustains hail damage, it’s essential to have it assessed and repaired by a professional auto glass repair service. Contact us at Auto Glass in San Antoniotoday!
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