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Windshield Repair

Myth Busted: Rain or Shine, Mobile Windshield Repair Saves the Day!

A cracked windshield can be a major inconvenience. It disrupts your vision, compromises safety, and can even lead to a ticket. Traditionally, scheduling a windshield glass repair meant maneuvering your car to a shop and waiting for clear skies. However, what if a sudden downpour throws a wrench into your plans? Fear not! At Auto Glass in San Antonio, we debunk the myth that rain hinders mobile windshield repair. Our technicians are fully equipped to handle repairs in various weather conditions, ensuring a convenient and uninterrupted experience for you. This comprehensive guide tells you all you need to know about mobile windshield repair. We’ll explain how we conquer the elements to fix your chipped or cracked windshield – rain or shine.

The Myth of Weather-Dependent Windshield Repair

Common Misconceptions

The idea that windshield glass repairs can only be done in dry conditions is widespread. Many people assume that rain or moisture will interfere with the repair materials or the technician’s ability to work effectively. This misconception leads to unnecessary delays and potential safety risks as drivers postpone repairs until the weather improves. view from a car’s windshield

The Reality

In reality, mobile windshield repair can be effectively carried out in almost any weather condition. Modern techniques and tools have evolved to ensure that repairs are done efficiently, regardless of whether it’s raining or shining. Auto Glass in San Antonio has perfected these methods to provide timely and reliable service to our customers.

How Can Mobile Windshield Repair Be Done in the Rain?

Contrary to popular belief, rain doesn’t pose a significant obstacle to mobile windshield repair. At Auto Glass in San Antonio, our technicians are equipped with specialized tools and techniques that ensure high-quality windshield glass repair in any weather condition. Here’s a closer look at how we handle repairs in the rain.
  1. Portable Shelters: We utilize portable shelters to create a dry workspace around the damaged area. This shields the repair site from rain, ensuring optimal conditions for injecting the resin and curing it properly.
  2. Moisture Removal Techniques: Our technicians are trained in moisture removal techniques to effectively eliminate any surface water on the windshield before beginning the repair process. This guarantees a strong bond between the resin and the damaged glass.
  3. Quick-Curing Resins: We use specially formulated resins that cure quickly and effectively, even in humid or wet environments. This minimizes the impact of rain on the repair time.

The Technology Behind Mobile Windshield Repair

Specialized Equipment

At Auto Glass in San Antonio, our technicians use specialized equipment designed to handle various weather conditions for our mobile windshield repairs. This includes portable canopies and weather-resistant materials that protect the windshield and the repair site from rain and moisture. These tools ensure that the repair area remains dry and clean, allowing the adhesive to bond properly.

High-Quality Adhesives

The adhesives we use are formulated to work in different temperatures and humidity levels. These high-quality materials cure quickly and effectively, ensuring a strong and durable repair even in less-than-ideal weather conditions. Whether it’s a scorching summer day or a rainy afternoon, our adhesives maintain their performance standards.

The Process for Weather-Proof Mobile Windshield Repair

Preparing the Repair Area

One of the key steps in our mobile windshield repair service is preparing the repair area. Our technicians ensure that the windshield is thoroughly cleaned and dried before starting the repair process. In rainy conditions, portable canopies and drying tools are used to keep the area moisture-free.

Applying the Repair Resin

Once the area is prepared, the repair resin is injected into the crack or chip. This resin is UV-cured, meaning it hardens quickly when exposed to ultraviolet light. Our technicians carry portable UV lamps to speed up the curing process, ensuring that the repair is completed swiftly and securely.

Final Inspection

After the resin has cured, the repaired area is polished to ensure a smooth finish. Our technicians conduct a thorough inspection to verify the quality of the windshield glass repair. This final step guarantees that your windshield is restored to its original strength and clarity.

Why Choose Mobile Windshield Repair


One of the primary benefits of mobile windshield repair is the convenience it offers. You no longer need to take time out of your busy schedule to visit a repair shop. Our technicians come to your location, whether it’s your home, office, or any other place that suits you. This service saves you time and hassle, allowing you to focus on your day-to-day activities.


Driving with a damaged windshield can be dangerous. Cracks and chips can obstruct your view and weaken the structural integrity of your vehicle. By offering mobile repair services, we ensure that you can get your windshield fixed promptly, reducing the risk of accidents and further damage.


Mobile windshield repair is also cost-effective. By addressing minor damages promptly, you can avoid the need for a full windshield replacement, which is more expensive. Our efficient repair process minimizes downtime and helps you save money in the long run. windshield with cracks in the rain

Experience Unmatched Mobile Windshield Repair Service with Auto Glass in San Antonio

Don’t let a chipped or cracked windshield compromise your safety and vision any longer! At Auto Glass in San Antonio, we understand that life throws curveballs, and a damaged windshield shouldn’t be another hurdle. That’s why we offer convenient and reliable mobile windshield repair services – rain or shine. For over 30 years, our team of highly trained and certified technicians has been the go-to choice for San Antonio drivers. We take pride in using only the finest materials and cutting-edge technology to ensure your windshield glass repair is completed flawlessly and efficiently. Call now at 210-793-7115 or get a quick quote here for auto glass repair.
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