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Customer Warranty Information and Disclosures

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Customer Warranty Information and Disclosures


All auto glass replacement workmanship is guaranteed for the life of the vehicle, which includes and covers wind noise, water leaks, and loose trim pieces. Exclusions include problems which occur as a result of auto collision, damage, or rust deterioration. Warranty coverage is Lifetime (except when ownership changes).

Limitations and Exclusions

This warranty expires with change of ownership of this vehicle. Once ownership changes, then in no event shall Auto Glass in San Antonio be liable for incidental or consequential damages.

Customer Responsibilities

Curing time varies depending on weather conditions.

Therefore we strongly recommend that this vehicle not be driven or driven as little as possible during the first twenty-four hours

If we have applied tape to your vehicle, it should remain in place for at least twenty-four hours. Leave a window rolled down about one inch, do not slam the door, and do not run through high pressure car wash for at least twenty-four hours.

Auto Glass in San Antonio guarantees its installed windshields against stress cracks for 90 days and against any other defect until ownership of the vehicle changes. Aftermarket antennas and devices are not guaranteed.

Important Notice: ADAS Driver Safety System Calibration

The customer acknowledges that certain windshields replaced by Auto Glass in San Antonio may contain sensors for items such as lane departure warning system, lane keep assist, forward collision alert, collision assist, smart city brake, or any other sensor which controls the movement of the vehicle. Auto Glass in San Antonio has given the customer notice that the original equipment manufacturer may require the windshield sensor to be recalibrated or programmed after it is transferred from the broken windshield to a new windshield.

Auto Glass in San Antonio does not warrant or guarantee the proper function of any windshield sensor that was removed from a broken windshield.

The customer further acknowledges that it will be the customer’s sole responsibility and expense to confirm the proper operation of the windshield sensor, or to recalibrate or reprogram any malfunctioning sensor that was removed from the customer’s broken windshield.

Rock Chip Repair Disclaimer

Rock chip repair is not a cosmetic repair; you may still see where the chip is located once the repair is complete. After the completed repair you have a lifetime warranty that the chip will not spread from the original repair location. If the repaired rock chip should spread, we will apply what was paid for the rock chip repair towards a full windshield replacement of the windshield with our company. The sole purpose of a professional windshield repair is to restore the structural integrity of the glass. It is important to know the appearance after a windshield is repaired is not an indicator of whether or not the repair was successful. Since we are working with a glass that is already broken, during the repair, there is always a possibility that as the technician is pushing the resin (glue) into the chip that the chip could spread. If that should happen, we will not charge you or your insurance for the attempt but we cannot guarantee the windshield.

Responsible Notice

ATTENTION CUSTOMER: You are being notified in accordance to the MOTOR VEHICLE LAWS SECTION 70.001- 70.008 that your vehicle may be subject to REPOSSESSION for RETURNED CHECKS such as INSUFFICIENT FUNDS, ACCOUNT CLOSED, STOP PAYMENT, OR STOLEN CHECKS. This also applies to CREDIT CARD STOP PAYMENTS. You will also be liable for the cost of any repossession fees or other incurred expenses.

Maximizing Account Security

In order to promote additional safety, we encourage all customers to use complex passwords for their devices and accounts.

We also recommend the following practices to help you ensure that your personal information is kept safe across all the services you use.

Choose your PINs very carefully and keep in mind that it's best not use the same password on more than one account.

Add different passwords to every service you use - from personal accounts for email, social media, and any other platforms you frequent. The more complex and longer the password the better. Consider using a password manager like 1Password or LastPass to generate and store long passwords.

Also known as 2-step or multi-factor verification, this added layer of security can help to protect your accounts. Choose services that use an app based authentication over SMS where available.

Ensure that you call your carrier to set an additional account pin that differs from your existing passwords for things like voicemail. You can do so easily through AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and other networks.

In addition to setting a device-specific code,we recommend attaching an account security passcode with your mobile network provider. You can do so easily by contacting your provider.

Don't open, click on or respond to unsolicited emails with links or attachments in them, no matter how innocuous, legitimate looking, or tempting.

Risks to Buying Bitcoin & other Cryptocurrencies

Using AAR Auto Glass's websites, you can now purchase Bitcoin right from the 'Online Payment Center'. To ensure the best experience, we'd like to make you aware of a few risks surrounding buying and selling Bitcoin & other Cryptocurrencies. As Bitcoin is a new form of digital currency there are some inherent risks.

Unlike physical currency, digital currencies are stored in digital wallets.

Hardware Wallet Recommendations

One of the safest & easiest ways to store your ETH, Tokens, ETC, BTC, and many other coins is via a Ledger Nano S or TREZOR. Both are hardware wallets. Both work with And both cost less $100 ( < 0.1 ETH ).

Why do you need a hardware wallet?

In theory, as long as you keep backups of your keys and don't visit any malicious / phishing sites, and never use remote access software, and don't install any malicious applications, then you should be fine. However, we hear from folks every day who lose, misplace, destroy, or have their private keys and funds stolen. It only takes one mistake to lose everything.

The hardware options give you peace of mind, are easy to use, and are becoming a must-have for anyone storing more funds than they are willing to lose. I would personally recommend it for anyone storing anything over 2wks salary. The device itself holds the keys and signs transactions for you.

MyEtherWallet is integrated with both Ledger and TREZOR, so you can even use the same interface you are already familiar with. This ensures your keys aren't ever on any internet-connected device. Phishers can't get them. Malware can't get them. Keyloggers can't get them.

When you set it up you will write your key (24-word backup phrase) and store it offline in a secure secondary location. This prevents you from losing access to your funds if something were to happen to your hardware wallet.

Payment Disclosure

Cash, insurance referrals, and all major Debit & Credit Cards accepted for payment. NO personal checks, NO money orders, or NO cashier cheques accepted.