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How to Stop a Windshield Crack from Spreading

You’re driving down the highway, listening to the radio and minding your business when a flying rock comes out of nowhere and strikes your windshield. While you’re thankfully safe, you notice that now there’s a chip on your windshield. Although professional auto glass experts can repair windshield chips in a jiffy, it’s important to act quickly as they have the annoying tendency of growing and spreading fast. You don’t want to wait until your only option is to get the windshield replaced. However, if you have a busy routine which doesn’t allow you to schedule an appointment until the weekend, here are some measures you can take to stop that little chip from turning into a spider-web of cracks.

Applying Clear Nail Polish or Super Glue

While this is a low-fidelity solution, common household materials such as clear nail polish or superglue can help prevent the chip from growing for a few days. Before you apply either superglue or nail polish to the chip, clean the windshield with paper towels and an auto glass cleaner. Apply the polish or the glue to the damaged area and wait for it to dry out. To prevent dust from entering the chipped area, apply a layer of clear scotch tape over it.


Using a Windshield Repair Kit
Nowadays, you can easily find purpose-made windshield repair kit at just about any hardware store. These come with a specialized resin which can effectively reduce the stress on the windshield and stop the chip from growing. However, to apply this resin, you first need to drill a small hole into the top layer of the windshield. A one-sixteenth of an inch drill-it should be enough for the job. After the hole has been bored, you simply have to fill it with the special resin. If you do a good enough job with this, you might not need any further repairs.
Avoid Abrupt Temperature Changes
If the weather is cold, make sure that the vents of your heater are directed away from your chipped windshield. Sudden changes in temperature can cause the glass to expand and contract, which can result in the cracks spreading abruptly. To prevent such a situation, try to park your car in a shaded area and abstain from using the defroster until the chip has been properly repaired.
Schedule an Appointment with a Professional
As there are no permanent do-it-at-home fixes for a chipped windshield, the best thing you can do is schedule an appointment with an auto glass specialist as quickly as possible. Typically, it’s impossible to repair windshield cracks that exceed 3 inches in length.   Have a cracked or chipped windshield? Get in touch with us at Auto Glass in San Antonio. From minor repairs to full replacements, we provide all kinds of auto glass services. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.
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