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Windshield Repair

How To Spot Faulty Auto Glass

The windshield of your car adds to its stability and enforces its structure. Any issues with the installation or the glass itself canresult in major problems. Faulty windshields directly impact the driver and front passengers, not just in terms of visibility but also heightened risks of sustaining facial injuries in case of accidents. To ensure your safety, make sure your windshield is installed by a professional technician. If you are uncertain about your current windshield, here are some ways to spot faulty auto glass:

Windshield leak

                                                          Your windshield needs to be sealed completely. If you notice a drop of water on your dashboard, headliner, or carpet and leave it unaddressed, you could soon find yourself dealing with problems like musty odors, mold, and rust. Such issues can lead to health implications of the driver and passengers of the car, in addition to expensive repairs. If you do come across a leak around the edges of the glass, cover your vehicle with a tarp when parked to prevent water from seeping in. Get in touch with a windshield repair technician as soon as possible.

Soapy water test

To detect any fine cracks or leak in your windshield, try the soapy water test. Mix some detergent in water and pour it over your windshield. Now spray the trim of your windshield from the inside. Inspect the trim on the outside; any bubbles in water will help you determine the gaps and cracks.

Previous adhesive is still in the frame

When a technician removes an old windshield to put in a new one, all parts of the old auto glass are completely removed, including the adhesive. Failure to remove old adhesive when installing a new windshield leads to a faulty installation. The new adhesive needs a clean surface to create a strong bond.

Molding around the frame

Installing a windshield is an art. It has to be done accurately toavoid any damage and faulty installation. If the frame around your windshield is bumpy and not smooth, you need to visit a reliable windshield repair service. Get in touch with SA Auto Glass to have your replacement windshield fitted flawlessly. Our technicians have years of experience. We also provide windshield repair in San Antonio. Our 24/7 auto windshield repair and replacement services are affordably priced for the convenience of our customers. (210)793-7115  to book a service or for any additional questions you may have.  
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