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Reasons Why Windshields Crack

While windshield repairs can be a hassle, ignoring minor damages can lead to bigger and costlier replacements over time. Various factors can ruin your windshield’s aesthetics, from extreme temperature fluctuations to stormy weather conditions. Therefore, learning the causes of windshield damage can help you mitigate the risks to a great extent.

Driving on Gravel Roads

Whether you’re planning a road trip or going on a business meeting, avoid driving on gravel roads. This is because small pebbles and stones flung up by vehicles in front of you can hit your windshield, causing them to crack. If driving on gravel is inevitable, maintain a safe distance from other vehicles to protect your windshield.

Poor Glass Installation

Improper installation can cause your windshield to loosen under the slightest impact. Driving at high speed may also cause the auto glass to vibrate and damage. Therefore, it’s mandatory to avail professional windshield replacement services for the safety of your car’s auto glass.

Driving Behind Construction Vehicles

Construction vehicles often have debris, dirt, and other sharp materials in their load. Thus, steer clear from loaded vehicles on the road and switch lanes to prevent the debris from hitting your windshield.

Low-quality Auto Glass

Always consult expert technicians for windshield installation services. Amateur contractors may seem less expensive, but they will likely use low-quality auto glass to fix your car’s windshield. Low-quality glass breaks or cracks easily compared to high-quality auto glass. A car without a windshield.

Temperature Changes

Sudden temperature changes inside and outside your car can cause your windshield to wear out prematurely. Windshields expand in hot weather conditions and contract during colder months. However, sudden temperature fluctuations can accelerate this process, affecting your auto glass’ durability. Thus, if you’ve left your car parked in the sun for too long, roll down the windows before switching on the AC to ensure your auto glass adjusts to the sudden temperature shift.


Intense summer heat can also affect your windshield’s durability. Always park your vehicle under the tree shade or in the garage to promote your windshield’s lifespan.

Slamming Car Doors

Avoid slamming your car doors as it can cause the preexisting minor cracks to spread. If you’re looking for expert windshield repair services in San Antonio, contact us at San Antonio Auto Glass. We install high-quality auto glass and provide quick repairs at affordable rates. Contact us now for more details.
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