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Tips to Prevent Road Trip Accidents

Summer usually brings about a range of road trips whether it’s the 4th of July trip or just a vacation with your friends or kids to your favorite destination. Unfortunately, this is also the time of the year when the number of car accidents reaches the highest. Texas already ranks 6th in the list of states with the most accidents and the situation worsens during these times when caution is thrown to the wind. Holidays also mean being drunk on occasion, which often leads to driving under the influence. This also becomes one of the leading causes of these accidents. There are certain measures that you can take in order to prevent these road crashes and ensure a safer driving experience.

Plan Breaks Appropriately

You should let each driver get adequate rest. If the drivers get too tired, they might sleep on the wheel which would jeopardize the lives of everyone in the vehicle. Having multiple people drive also helps in making to your destination on time while ensuring safety.

Map Out Your Trip Properly

Regardless of how well acquainted you are with the route, map it out. Have a look at the total distance to be traveled, your car’s fuel capacity and mileage, and the total time it should take for you to reach your destination. Ensure that there are good spots for you to stop at during the night, since it’s imperative to avoid driving through the night due to the poor visibility.

Get Vehicle Maintenance Checks 

You should get your vehicle serviced and ensure that you have an emergency kit to take along with a flashlight, a tire inflator, pocket knife, jumper cables and oil in case of a mishap. Also make sure your vehicle is up to date with all the inspections.

Get Your Tires Inspected

You need to go and have your tires rechecked before leaving for a road trip, regardless of how well they performed in the last inspection. You can specifically ask your mechanic for a thorough check for any wear or misalignment. Your tires also need to be checked for any imbalance since they can lead to the vehicle malfunctioning which can be very dangerous while driving.

Check Your Windshield For Damage

If there is a crack in your windshield or it’s in need of a fresh pair of wiper blades, get them fixed since they serve as primary safety mechanisms. For your windshield damage repair or replacement in San Antonio contact us at 210-793-7115 and have your car upgraded.
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