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My Windshield Cracked For No Reason. What Do I Do?

The windshield is a car component that often gets overlooked. In fact, most car-owners don’t put much thought into windshield care, as long as the surface is relatively clean. So it’s quite frustrating when you discover a crack on your windshield—one that seems to have appeared out of nowhere. Mystery cracks on your car are usually a result of something obvious, like:
  • A rouge ball
  • A tree branch falling on your car
  • Ice pellets during a hailstorm
  • Flying rocks or stones hitting the windshield while driving
The crack might not be noticeable at first, but given some time, it can expand to become more evident. There may, however, be other reasons for your windshield cracking for no reason.

1. Faulty windshield

A faulty windshield usually has slight imperfections on the surface. If you notice a wavy or uneven texture while driving, it’s a surefire sign that your windshield is faulty. A defective windshield is weaker than a regular windshield, and is thus more likely to crack if put under stress.

2. Poor installation

Poor installation can also increase the chances of your windshield breaking significantly. Generally, this is because it either hasn’t been installed correctly or isn’t the right size for your car. Detecting a poor installation is difficult for a non-specialist. You may, however, hear swooshing sounds as you drive—this is because air is passing through small spaces.

3. Rapid temperature change

Moving from one extreme temperature zone to another can result in cracks on your windshield. Shifting between your car’s heater and defroster too fast and too often can cause this too. The corners of your windshield heat up faster than the center. This causes additional stress on the windshield.

4. Sunlight

Sunlight acts in a similar way to rapid temperature change. If you take your car out from a cool, shady area into direct sunlight, it can damage the windshield sometimes. This is quite rare, but can happen if your windshield is made of low-quality auto glass.

5. Driving too fast

Driving at extremely high speeds can increase wind pressure. Pressure cracks can also occur if the is wind speed is very high—such as during a storm.

6. Explosive reactions near your car

Explosions in your area can cause atmospheric pressure differences between the interior and outside of your vehicle. This difference is caused windshields and windows to crack. The explosion doesn’t even have to be very close to your car, either. There have been instances of glass shattering as a result of an explosion occurring miles away.   A surprise windshield crack can be quite frustrating. But it doesn’t always have to be. Auto Glass in San Antonio offers mobile services for windshield repairs and 24-hour glass replacement services in San Antonio. So you can book an appointment with us around your schedule, and we’ll come to you. With over 30 years of experience, we’re experts in auto glass repair and replacement. To find out more, give us a call at (210)793-7115 or drop a message.  
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