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Dynamic vs Static ADAS Calibration: What’s the Difference?

ADAS, or Advanced Driver Assistance System, is an all-encompassing term that’s used to describe all the modern technologies that are present in today’s cars. These technologies are becoming increasingly common in windshields, and are transforming the glass industry. They include radar, cameras, LIDAR, sensors, and a variety of other components. There are two variants of ADAS on the market—Static and Dynamic ADAS. But before we discuss their differences, let’s begin by with a quick overview of ADAS calibration and its importance.

Advanced Driver Assistance System Calibration

As mentioned earlier, ADAS consists of a wide range of features that vary from one vehicle to another. Common ADAS windshield features include glare-free high beams, crosswind and hill descent stabilization, traffic sign and pedestrian recognition feature, and wrong-way driving warnings. These systems are installed to increase driver and vehicle safety. For ADAS to work correctly, the cameras and sensors should be calibrated in a way that they are in alignment with the vehicle. Otherwise, these systems will not be able to detect changes properly and can even become a hazard. Even if the fitting is just a couple of millimeters off the mark, it can cause serious damage. As a result, vehicle manufacturers recommend ADAS recalibration after a windshield replacement.

Static ADAS

Static or fixed ADAS calibration takes place in a specialized setting where the car isn’t moved. Using highly sensitive equipment and leveled flooring, experts are able to perform calibration in one location. The process takes about an hour, and the vehicle’s internal processer inputs data changes and recalibrates itself to optimal levels.

Dynamic ADAS

Dynamic or mobile ADAS calibration takes place while the vehicle is moving. The car is driven at a specific speed for a certain distance during optimal weather conditions. A handheld device is plugged into the car, which allows the assistance system to get used to the road.  

Which one to choose?

Dynamic and static ADAS calibration techniques aren’t interchangeable. Your windshield replacement company will be able to guide you regarding which process works best for your vehicle model. If you’re looking for reliable auto glass replacement in San Antonio, Auto Glass in San Antonio offers high-quality, 24-hour auto glass replacement services. Our trained technicians specialize in carrying out ADAS calibration, and our services come with a guarantee. For more information, call at (210)793-7115 or visit our website.