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Replace or Repair — Getting a Windshield Fixed

A windshield is an important feature of a car. It protects the driver in case of an accident, and shields the driver from the elements while they’re driving their car. In short, a windshield is crucial to the safety of not just the driver, but the passengers of a car also. This is why a broken or chipped windshield should never be left unaddressed. There was once a time when hearing a WHACK and a crack on your windshield was followed by a trip to the local mechanic to get the windshield replaced, but thanks to the advancements in technology, that’s no longer the case. Here, we are going to talk about whether you should go for a windshield repair or replacement in San Antonio, Texas. Windshield Repair or Replacement? Should I repair or replace my car’s windshield? Many a driver has found themselves answering this very question? This mainly depends on two main factors. The size of the repair, and the severity of the damage to your windshield. While many windshield repair shops are able to repair those quarter size cracks or chips, anything more than three inches long will require a windshield replacement. There are also some auto glass service centers that can repair cracks and chips of up to 12 inches, so it’s best to find out your options before committing to a new windshield. Where the crack or chip has damaged your windshield will also be an important factor in determining whether your windshield needs to be repaired or replaced. Those cracks or chips that occur at the edges of the windshield tend to spread faster and cause more damage. In these cases, it is advised to get your windshield replaced, since the structure of your windshield has been compromised. Some auto glass repair services may also not repair a chipped or cracked windshield if it’s in the driver’s line of sight, since the minor repair could result to some distortion in the windshield, and may obscure the driver’s vision. But, regardless of the crack or chip on your car’s windshield, it is always advised to have it repaired as quick as possible to avoid further damage and safety issues. It should be noted that major impacts on the windshield will always require it to be replaced rather than fixed. How Does Windshield Repair Work? Those drivers whose car needs a new windshield are often curious of how a windshield repair service works. Windshield repair is carried out by injecting special resin into the damaged area of the windshield, with the help of special tools. Once injected, the resin is cured and polished in order to restore both the strength and transparency of the glass. Whenever a windshield is cracked or chipped, the effects of the impact spreads to other parts of the thin layer of plastic within the windshield. In severe cases, the technician at the auto repair service may also drill the glass to provide a clean passageway to the layer of plastic that’s sandwiched between two layers of the windshield’s glass, before injecting the resin. Car owners should think of windshield repair as a first-aid for their car that prevents the damage from spreading. While a windshield repair can result to a windshield looking as good as new, or slightly blemished, but, in case of severe impacts, a windshield repair would be of little use, and will need the windshield to be replaced. How Much Will This Cost? In the US, the cost of repairing a cracked or chipped windshield is pretty standard, with a rock chip costing around $40 to $50 dollars for the first chip, with extra being charged for any additional rock chips on the windshield. The costs of repairing cracks in a windshield are about the same as well, depending on the location of the crack and the severity of the crack. A six to twelve-inch crack normally costs around $70 to fix. When it comes to a windshield replacement, it obviously costs more since the entire windshield is going to be replaced. Apart from the cost of the windshield itself, other costs such as installation labor and a windshield molding kit also have to be factored into the final cost of the windshield replacement. The costs of repairing or replacing a damaged windshield will also vary on who’s providing you with the service. For instance, the actual car dealer’s price will be higher as compared to an independent workshop that offers auto glass repair or replacement services. One of the reasons why dealerships charge more for a glass replacement is because they use OEM parts, which is identical to the original windshield of the car model and make. Local automotive services which offer auto glass repair and replacement charge less because they use glass that is less expensive, but offers the same level of quality and safety as the original OEM windshield of an automobile. In fact, in some cases, the non-OEM windshields actually offer better quality as compared to the OEM glass. Ways of getting Your Windshield Fixed In case the vehicle was broken into or vandalized, it may require a windshield repair or replacement. The following are some of the ways that you can get your windshield repaired or replaced in Houston, Texas:
  • Windshield repair facility –A windshield repair facility can offer all repair or replacement services, amongst other car maintenance services that ensure your car works at optimum levels at all times. These facilities also specialize in the repair and replacement of side and rear windows as well. Visiting a windshield repair and replacement facility is the best way of getting rid of those cracks and chips for good.
  • Mobile auto glass repair and replacement service –Sometimes, your wrecked car may not be in the best shape to drive down all the way to the windshield repair facility. Rather than having to drive your car and risk an accident by looking through a damaged glass, auto glass repair and replace services such as Auto Glass in San Antonio can repair or replace your windshield wherever your car is located. Whether it’s at home, where you work, or by the side of the road.
Ending Note When faced with the question of whether or not to replace or repair their car’s windshield, the car owner usually chooses the lowest cost option to get their car fixed. But any good auto glass repair and replacement center will advise you on whether you need to repair or replace the glass of your windshield. It is advised to always choose the best service provider for a windshield repair and replacement San Antonio, Texas.   Save