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Auto Glass Repair

What is so special about auto glass?

Automotive glass, also called auto glass, is a special kind of glass that is used in vehicles. It has a unique safety feature which makes it ideal for use in automobiles. When a strong physical force is subjected to auto glass, it does not break into sharp edged shards that could cause injury the passengers in the vehicle. Instead, auto glass breaks into countless miniscule pieces with blunt edges that pose no danger to humans and can easily be cleaned up. Most of the impact force is absorbed by the outer layers and the inner layers are left relatively unscathed. When was safety auto glass first used? Before the introduction of safety glass windshield in automobiles, standard glass types were used and were commonly responsible for major injuries to drivers because of the sharp shards they shattered into. Laminated glasses for windshields were first used in the 1920s and have gradually improved in quality over the decades. It is also important to mention here that safety glass is quite strong and durable, because of the multiple layers it contains, and can withstand minor physical shocks without shattering. Tempered auto glass Tempered glass is mostly used for the rear windshield glass. If it experiences a strong physical impact, it shatters into many tiny pieces which no sharp edges. Thus, it is quite easy to clean up the pieces safely without fear of being injured. Laminated auto glass Laminated glass is the primary choice for the front windshield of an automobile. It consists of a central layer made of plastic (PVB). This layer is coated on both sides by float glass and keeps them from shattering if the windshield breaks. There are several types of laminated glass which have additional features that give them special abilities to deal with different kinds of situations. Radiation control laminated glass Some kinds of laminated glass windshields contain a significant quantity of iron to prevent infrared rays from penetrating through them. This helps keep the interior of the car cool because infrared radiation is responsible for transferring heat energy. Such kinds of radiation control glass windshields are ideal for people who are sensitive to sunlight. They are also eco-friendly because they reduce the need for air-conditioning in a vehicle because of their ability to keep out heat energy. Certain types of laminated glass windshields are also contain Ultra Violet (UV) absorbing materials which protect a vehicle’s passengers from the harmful cancer causing rays from the sun. We are an experienced provider of a car rear window replacements and auto glass repairs. To learn how we can keep your vehicle’s windshield in perfect condition, call 210-793-7115, or send us an email at
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