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Three Tips for Removing Water Spots on Your Auto Glass

Are you tired of driving around with water spots on your windshield? Most vehicle owners face this problem quite often. A passing car, morning dew, improper car wash, rainwater so many other factors contribute to the water spots on the windows and windshield. A majority of the time, varying elements are to blame—whether it’s due to water from the car-wash or rainwater. As the water evaporates, it leaves behind minerals such as calcium and magnesium on the glass surface. These minerals stick to the windshield and lead to a build-up if swift action isn’t taken. Moreover, water spots, if ignored for too long can impact the lifespan and overall quality of the glass, as deposits keep layering up and leave a whitish glaze behind. It’s also frustrating because they affect your visibility and look visually unpleasant. If you’re dealing with water spots on the windshield, these three tips can help you keep the auto glass neat and clean.

Use Vinegar and Water

A simple, quick and easy solution for getting rid of these deposits is through the application of vinegar mixed with water on the glass. Since vinegar is acidic, it eats up the residue minerals, which are typically alkaline in nature. Make sure that you use distilled white vinegar and mix it well with water. You can adjust the water-to-vinegar ratio based on the toughness and size of spots. Concentrate the solution if the spots don’t come off after the first try. It’s also better to use a sprinkler to ensure proper distribution of the solution. The solution is completely safe and natural so it’s highly unlikely that it’ll damage the glass. If you don’t have access to vinegar, you can use lemon juice as an alternative or rub the lemon on the spots.

Use High-Quality Microfiber Towels

Car owners often use low-quality towels, which don’t soak up water due to their texture. In addition, these towels leave scratches and abrasions on the glass surface. On the other hand, microfiber towels absorb water seven times more than their weight and don’t leave any scratches or spots behind.


Never Air Dry

If you wash your own car, the chances are that you let it air-dry. This is one of the biggest mistakes and a major reason behind the white spots. To avoid these watermarks, dry the windows and windshield instantly with towels. The mineral-laden water also affects the paint of the car so make sure you don’t let the water sit on the car for too long. If you’re dealing with scratches or chips on your windshield, it’s a good idea to deal with the problems immediately rather than let it worsen. Small repair jobs will cost you a lot less than if the scratches and chips grow bigger. If you’re looking for a repair service for windshield or auto glass in San Antonio, get in touch with us! If you want to get a ballpark figure for the services required, we also offer free estimates to all our clients.  
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