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Auto Glass Repair Certification: Why It’s Important

Just like any other component of your car, there are certain safety standards and practices associated with the installation and repair of auto glass. Many auto glass companies that adhere to the safety standards and regulations get the job done by certified and licensed technicians. Each technician must undergo extensive training to gain ample experience and maintain the quality of their auto glass services. It won’t be wrong to say that certified auto glass technicians are capable of dealing with any auto glass damage more professionally than uncertified technicians. Ahead, we have explained why it’s wise to opt for a certified auto glass repair company for all your auto glass repair and replacements.

Comprehensive Training

Every trainee is required to have a High School Equivalency Certificate or General Education Diploma (GED) in order to qualify for an auto glass repair certification. If they meet the requirements, they can apply for the certification at an apprenticeship. It takes almost a year or two for a trainee to obtain the certificate. During this time, they undergo extensive training where they are taught industry standards that they must adhere to. The training also includes providing trainees hands on experience about the safe removal and installation of auto glass, and fixing the heating units, according to different vehicle types.

Insured Auto Glass Repairs



Certified technicians are trained to repair different types of auto glass using advanced equipment and techniques. One more benefit of a certified auto glass service is that they are approved by major insurance companies. Since they have a good reputation in the industry, all the costs of auto glass repair are covered by insurance companies. In most cases, even the deductibles are waived off.

Top quality Glass Installations

When you hire a certified auto glass company for your windshield or other auto glass replacement, you don’t have to worry about the quality of glass they use. The most important part of their training is using the right glass and installing it the right way. They understand how a poor quality glass installation could be dangerous to the structural integrity of a vehicle and the life of drivers and passengers in case of collision. They place pre-cut, durable glass, using the suction cups and other advanced equipment to ensure proper and long-term installation. Get in touch with Auto Glass in San Antonio for reliable and certified auto glass services. We provide impeccable 24-hour mobile windshield repair and replacement services across San Antonio. With 30 years of experience under our belt, you can rely on us for all your auto glass problems! To get an estimate and for more information about our services, get in touch with us at (210) 793-7115!