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4 Ways to Protect Your Auto Glass This Summer

Summer is a lovely time of the year with the warm breeze and beautiful sunny skies. However, hot weather and summer activities can affect your auto glass adversely. It might be difficult to associate summertime with auto glass damage, but we’re here to inform you of all the things that can damage your windshield. To prevent auto glass damage this summer, here’s everything you need to know:

1. Be Mindful Of Where You Park Your Cars

Heat and humidity can produce stress cracks on your windshield, causing the entire glass to break! Summer heat may also spread the existing cracks on your windshield. It’s essential to ensure your auto glass safety by taking a few measures this summer. For example, avoid parking your cars in direct sunlight. Park them under tree shades, in garages, or in basements as much as possible to protect the auto glass.

2. Be Aware of Temperature Changes.

It’s natural to switch on the AC as soon as you get in your car to beat the heat. However, the drastic temperature change inside your vehicle can harm your windshield, weakening the glass over time. If your windshield is cracked or broken, abrupt temperature changes can worsen the damage. Turn on your AC from low to high gradually to avoid ruining your windshield. This practice will save you money in the long run!

3. Avoid Dry Dirt Roads.

Summertime means dry and hot weather with dusty roads. Be cautious of your surrounding while driving down a dirt road. Abrasive elements might scrape your windshield, making it susceptible to cracking. We also suggest you clean your windshields every day! Leaving dust, pollen, or dirt on your windshield can reduce its life span. An untidy windshield will not only make it difficult for you to see the road but will compromise the glass’ stability.

4. Keep Your Car Covered During Storms

Summertime promises severe storms, lightning, and wind, all of which can cause auto glass damage. Avoid driving during storms to protect your auto glass from harsh weather conditions. Cover your car when it’s not in use, and park at a safe spot to ensure your auto glass safety. Contact our auto glass repair shop in San Antonio to fix auto glass issues. Our team repairs and installs windshields and other auto glass professionally and accurately. Call us today to get a quote!

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