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Aftercare Tips to Make Your Windshield Last

Windshield replacement is vital for your safety and other road users if you have experienced an accident or have cracked glass. Research shows that windshields are at the top of the insurance claims list in the United States, making up around thirty percent of all auto insurance claims. Therefore, what you do after installing your new windshield will ensure that it stays in great condition and lasts longer Protect your newly installed windshield by following the tips below.

Wait Before You Drive

Windshield replacement needs an adhesive that holds the glass together. It creates a waterproof seal to keep it in place. Therefore, it’s crucial to give the adhesive some time to dry. Technicians recommend waiting at least an hour before you drive to ensure the best results.

Keep Your Car Clean

The first 24–28 hours after installation play a key role in maintaining your windshield. While the seal is drying, make sure you:

Keep the Windows Open

Following installation, the air pressure can stress the seal around the glass. Roll down a window or two to avoid building up the pressure. It’s only required for the first day of installation. Raindrops on a car windshield

Avoid Removing the Retention Tape Immediately

Technicians usually use retention tape to grip the windshield and protect the seal from elements while drying. Though it doesn’t look great, keeping it for the first two days after installing the new windshield is best.

No Pressure Washing

It would be best not to opt for high-pressure or automatic car washes until the new moldings are set completely. If you still require washing your car in the first few days following windshield replacement, go for a regular hand wash

Get Affordable Windshield Replacement in Houston

Whether you want to take your vehicle to the auto glass shop or need mobile windshield replacement services, the aftercare tips are the same. With these tips, you can ensure your new installation sets well and lasts longer. Reach out to Auto Glass in San Antonio for more information. We have over 30 years of experience in windshield repair and replacement services. Our efficient customer care service can solve all your car problems. Contact us now and get a free estimate.
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