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Bull’s Eye! 3 Tips on Stopping a Windshield Crack from Spreading.

Does your windshield have a chip on its surface? If you’re planning to ignore it due to its small size, we’d advise you not to. Research shows that globally 1.35 million people are killed in road accidents every year. Having a cracked windshield increases the probability of getting in a crash, considering your windshield no longer serves as protection for you and your family. Nobody wants to take that risk! Here are some nifty tricks to stop your windshield crack from spreading further.

Super Glue

You probably never thought Harry Wormwood from Matilda would teach you a thing or two about temporary fixes. But in this case, super glue is effective in repairing a small windshield chip. Smearing this adhesive lightly on the crack can momentarily mend it, but you want to make sure it dries off properly before getting behind the wheel. You can do the same job with clear nail polish after cleaning the glass with a transparent solvent and applying scotch tape to keep dirt at bay.

Windshield Cover

You may not control the weather but taking measures to protect your car and ultimately yourself is always smart. Whether it’s falling branches during the fall season, downpours during the summer, tumbling debris during springtime, or tumbling icicles in wintertime, parking your car in the shelter or using windshield covers will go a long way. Protective covers also shield your car window from extreme temperature changes that often lead to spider-web cracks and chips in the first place.

Windshield Repair Kit

Some people are quite comfortable using a drill to pierce a minute hole at the crack’s edge. If you’re up to the challenge, there are repair kits explicitly designed for this purpose that can help you decrease the stress on your auto glass. But having an experienced set of hands to shove a resin in or operate a windshield adapter would save you a lot of trouble and ensure the crack is appropriately closed. Whether you require front auto glass repair or rear windshield replacement, windshield cracks require immediate attention because they can harm your view when sunlight or a car’s incoming glare bounces off the chipped glass. Research shows that road accidents are a primary cause of death in the US for people aged 1–54 years. Imagine how useless and dangerous a Ferrari would be if it didn’t have brakes. The same can be said for a cracked windshield—it’s simply not serving its purpose. Ready to leave windshield repair to the experts? We offer efficient and experienced windshield repair and replacement, auto glass repair and auto glass replacement in San Antonio, Texas, with mobile windshield restoration at affordable rates! Call us now to get a free quote!    
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