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How Outside Temperature Affects Your Auto Glass

Prolonged exposure to warm or cold temperatures can impact your car’s windshield. While severe heat or snow may not directly crack or chip your windshield, it can become the underlying cause that weakens the structural integrity of your vehicle. So before you get to the point where you are left with no option but to replace your car’s windshield, learn how weather can cause damage to your auto glass.

The Effects of Cold Weather

In the dead of winter, the components of your auto glass, such as sealant and metal, contract. When you have every component intact, the stress is evenly balanced, but the problem can get severe when there are minor chips or cracks. So always get your vehicle ready for winter. Moreover, when your find snow on your windshield, make sure you:

The Effects of Warm Weather

Extreme heat leads to auto glass replacement as it expands your auto glass. This is mainly because of two factors:
  • People often travel more in warmer weather, exposing their vehicles to heat and road debris that can cause the glass to crack or chip.
  • Parking your vehicle under direct sunlight causes cracks to spread
A cracked window of a car

Maintaining Existing Damage

Ensure you check your windshield and window glass before extreme temperatures to avoid further damage. If your glass is chipped already, weather fluctuation can turn that chip into a crack causing you to have to replace your auto glass. You can do several things to avoid this if you can’t repair it immediately, such as avoiding slamming doors or playing loud music. Though these have nothing to do with the outside temperature, the vibrations can destroy your auto glass.

Windshield Repair and Replacement in Houston

Your windshield is susceptible to wear and tear over time. Factors such as snow, rain, and hailstorms can damage your windshield prematurely. Get affordable windshield replacement in San Antonio today. At Auto Glass in San Antonio, we have years of experience in the auto glass industry and can help resolve all your auto glass issues. Contact us for more details.
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