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The Glass in Your Windshield – How Is It Different from an Ordinary Glass?

Ever wondered how the glass used in your home windows, doors, dividers etc., is different from the glass in your car’s windshield? Of course, the latter looks much thicker and hence stronger – that’s evident on observation. But why is it stronger, what makes it stronger and are there any other differences between the two glasseswould you like to know the answers to these questions? Well, then keep reading this post…  

The glass in your windshield – Why it needs to be strong?

  Car manufacturers are required to fix windshields with glasses that provide highest level of strength, so as to protect the driver and car occupant’s in the event of an accident. Furthermore, when on road, there is every chance that a debris or an object may come flying around and hit a car’s windshield. Or even worse… And the velocity of the travelling object is only going to multiply its force of impact. Therefore, the glass in your windshield needs to be of the highest standard.  

What makes the windshield glass so strong?

  The answer lies in its construction. A windshield glass is a laminated glass, that is, it is made up of two pieces of glass, with a third layer—a thin vinyl layer—sandwiched between the two glass sheets. The arrangement is exposed to high pressure and temperature in an oven, referred to as an autoclave. The final product which you then get is a type of glass that offers excellent strength, able to withstand high impact forces.  

Is there any other difference between windshield glass and ordinary glass?

  Yes, there is. When an ordinary glass breaks, it shatters and spreads in the form of jagged pieces. However, when a windshield glass shatters it disintegrates into small rock salt sized glass pieces that usually remain adhered to the inner vinyl lining. This way the driver and passengers remain safe from shards that may otherwise cause cuts or serious injuries.  

Are all auto glasses laminated?

  No. The glass used in a car’s side and rear windows is tempered and not laminated. Although a tempered glass is also stronger than an ordinary glass but it is not as strong as a laminated glass. And well, that’s it – this is how a glass used in your windshield is different from an ordinary glass. If you want reliable windshield replacement services , you can contact AAR Auto Glass. A BONUS read: Common causes of broken windshield
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