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Got a Broken Windshield? Avoid These 3 Crucial Mistakes

Driving with chips or cracks in the windshield isn’t safe and should be avoided in every way, but if you tend to drive around with a crack on your windshield, you’ll endanger your own life and the lives of the passengers in the car. On the road, accidents can readily occur. Similarly, a projected stone from the wheel of a speeding vehicle can hit your windshield, penetrating the existing crack causing the glass to break entirely. Expert auto glass repair specialists in San Antonio, TX, have given a few tips in this piece on how to act in such a situation and what mistakes to avoid.

1. Continue driving

It’s a no-brainer that you need to stop in such a situation immediately; if your windshield is broken, you’ll need to assess the situation before making another move. You must check yourself for any injuries or cuts that could have occurred. Such incidents can easily cause casualties. After all, it’s glass you’re dealing with. Also, check with all the passengers in the vehicle to ensure everyone is safe, else immediately call an ambulance or paramedic service to tend to any wounded passenger.

2. Do it yourself

A windshield that’s wholly broken will need replacement as it’s no longer possible to repair it. Even though you think you’re skilled in handling a window replacement, you shouldn’t do it. Online videos and websites may tell you that it’s an easy task and you can save a lot of money on it, but that’s not the case. A DIY project to replace your windshield can cost you much more than getting it replaced professionally, apart from the fact that it’s not a piece of cake handling a window replacement. This intricate process requires the skill and knowledge of equipment and products to securely conduct a windshield replacement job that no online video can give you.

3. Rushing through repairs

If you’re ever in an accident, you need to be extremely careful. If this accident causes your windshield to break, never rush into getting a repair done. You could hurt yourself with the pieces of glass all-round the front seats and dashboard.   Once the replacement is done, another mistake people often make using the car immediately. A newly replaced windshield needs time for the adhesive to set in place for an efficient installation. Driving the car will cause it to loosen, creating problems in the future. Avoiding these mistakes is crucial for your safety and your passenger’s safety when it comes to a broken window.     We at SA Auto Glass deal in auto glass repair and replacement in San Antonio, TX. We also offer reliable mobile auto glass repair or replacement for your vehicle for times when you face where you cannot drive your car. Our technicians are experts in the field, giving all our customers the best service while advising you on better taking care of your vehicle in San Antonio, TX. Get in touch with us for a free quote.
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