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4 Things To Do, If Your Car Windshield Is Broken

You’re bound to come across windshield chips as you go about driving your car, but a windshield crack takes time to occur. Auto glass repair experts advise that repairing minor chips and cracks is mandatory as it can propagate into larger cracks and even a broken windshield itself. With car accidents happening so frequently in San Antonio, TX, broken windshields are a matter of concern for you, your passengers, and others around you. However, if you’re ever in the situation of a broken windshield and are behind the wheel, you’ll need to take the following steps.

1. Don’t panic

It’s possible for your windshield to crack when you’re on the move commuting from one place to another. Your immediate reaction should be to slowly park the car along the side of the road and check for any casualties. Once you notice that everything is secure, examine the crack and its severity. Windshields come with laminated glass. It consists of a thin layer of plastic between two glass panels, preventing it from shattering immediately.

2. Decide to drive it or not

Every driver should examine the vehicle and check if it’s suitable to drive in such a situation. If you notice that there are shards of glass on the driver seat and the windshield is broken completely, you’ll need to take extra precautions..

3. Protective wear

Wear gloves and try to remove all the pieces of glass on the dashboard and the front seas. You can do this by using a high-powered vacuum to suck out all the shards of glass, as even the smallest piece can cut you or damage your car’s upholstery. However, if you don’t have protective wear, you should leave it as it is.

4. Call for help

If the damage is minimal and you can get into your car, drive it to the nearest auto glass repair shop. If you can’t drive it, call a tow truck to get it there. However, a better and more convenient option is to call the repair and replacement specialist at your location. Several companies in the San Antonio, TX area offer mobile auto glass repair and replacement services. Professional auto glass repairexperts will come to your location through this service and help you get out of this troublesome situation.   We at SA Auto Glass are pioneers in the auto glass replacement industry in San Antonio, offering mobile auto repair and replacement services in Texas. We can repair or replace your windshield regardless of the severity of the situation. Our professional workers are highly equipped with the most advanced equipment to clear, repair your vehicle’s windshield immediately. If you’re ever stuck in such a situation, you now know who to call.
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