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When DON’T you need to get your car’s windshield replaced?

Minor chips and cracks in your vehicle’s windscreen doesn’t always mean that you have to get it replaced. A tiny chip can lead to the development of large cracks and eventually weaken the entire structure of the windshield. When this happens, the entire windshield might have to be replaced. Auto Glass in San Antonio What factors need to be considered before replacing a car’s windshield

– Size of cracks

Chips can easily be fixed by a professional windshield repair service by using a transparent epoxy than can completely cover them up. If you notice that your car’s windshield is damaged in any spot, hire professionals to deal with it before it worsens and cracks start emanating from it. Taking care of minor chips will help you save money because it is a lot easier to cover by small chips. Even if small cracks develop in your vehicle’s windshield (under 3 inches in length) they can easily be repaired by a good car windshield repair company without any difficulty. However, when the cracks exceed 8 inches in length, the chance of repairing them starts to rapidly diminish; it might become necessary to replace the windshield completely. It is important to keep in mind that even large cracks (exceeding 8 inches) can be repaired in some cases. In order to precisely determine whether or not the cracks on your car’s windshield, if any, are repairable, get in touch with a reputable car automobile company for a complete assessment.

– Deepness of the cracks

Surface cracks are not very serious and can be taken care of easily. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for all cracks that are more than a few millimeters deep. A standard automobile windshield has a central layer of transparent plastic sandwiched between two outer layers made of tempered safety glass. If the crack manages to penetrate through the outer layer and reach the central plastic layer, it is too late to repair it. In such cases, the entire windshield has to be replaced. Some people delay getting their windshield repaired until the problem worsens and the cracked portion takes up a significant part of the total windshield area. This is a bad idea because there are many safety risks involved. The reduction in a driver’s visibility caused by the cracked area can lead to unexpected accidents. Windshields with deep cracks are structurally weakened and can also fall apart if they are left unrepaired for a long time. Auto Glass in San Antonio

– Location

The location of the cracks matters a lot. Cracks along the edges of the windshield are more dangerous as they can adversely affect the integrity of the windshield’s structure. Regardless of the severity of the crack on your windshield, it is best to get your windshield examined by professionals if you notice a flaw. Auto Glass in San Antonio is a reliable automobile windscreen replacement company that also offers auto glass repair services at cost-effective rates. To learn more about our services, call 210-793-7115, or send us an email at
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