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Windshield Rock Chips – All You Need to Know

First things first…

What are Windshield Rock Chips?

Windshield rock chips are a type of windshield cracks, where on impact with a stone, debris or any other flying object, a small piece of glass comes off from the windshield, leaving behind a crack on the screen. This crack is called a rock chip.  

Not all rock chips are created equal; they come in different shapes and sizes. And not all rock chips can be repaired. It is therefore important for you as a car owner to know about the different types of rock chips, and how to identify each. So that, if a repair work is possible, you can call a professional windshield repair service and get your windscreen fixed.


Types of Windshield Rock Chips

There are basically four types of windshield rock chips.

1) Star chip

Star chip has a shape similar to a star. It is characterized by smaller cracks branching out from the center of the chip, forming a starburst pattern.

Can it be repaired?

A star chip can only be repaired if the cracks that stem out from the center are no longer than 3-inches. It is therefore said that a star chip should be promptly repaired, as the cracks are likely to spread out, which might make the windshield irreparable.

2) Bullseye chip

A bullseye chip exhibits a similar pattern to the bullseye found on a dartboard. It is round in shape, appears dark in color and has rings around it.

Can it be repaired?

Yes, it can be repaired as long as the diameter of the chip is no larger than an inch.

3) Batwing chip

This type of chip has two bifurcating cracks in a shape of a ‘V’, originating from the point of impact. Its appearance is similar to that of a bat with its wings spread out.

Can it be repaired?

Like star chip, a batwing chip can only be repaired where the cracks do not exceed 3-inches in length.

4) Combination break

Combination break has multiple characteristics. It could be a mixture of bullseye and star chip, batwing and bullseye chip and so on. These chips are hardest to repair.

Can it be repaired?

It depends on the location and the size of the crack. Usually, if the body of the chip has a diameter equal or less than two inches, it is considered fixable. Consulting a professional however, should give a much better idea for your individual case.  

Do you have any other questions about windshield rock chips? Feel free to reach out.

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