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Windshield Replacement

Types of Damages That Require Windshield Replacement

Windshields offer an array of protective and supportive qualities to your vehicle and are critical to the safety of driver and passengers. Poor vehicle maintenance and unattended repairs cause nearly 3000 car accidents in the United States every year. Any structural damage to a vehicle can be potentially life-threatening. Driving in an unsafe vehicle not only increases the risk of getting into an accident, but also increases the risk of serious and fatal injuries caused by accidents. If your windshield is damaged, and you’re unable to figure out what type of damage it is and whether it warrants a replacement, let us start you off.

Categories of Windshield Damage

The two main categories of damage when it comes to windshields—and their causes—are:
  • Cracks: Pressure, changes in temperature, installation errors, and the low impact caused by stones or hail cause cracks
  • Chips: High impact causes a chipped windshield, which can occur from severe weather, snowstorms, or debris falling on the car etc.
With either, the size of the damage will determine if you need a full replacement. Here’s what you should consider

Size of the Damage

Small chips and cracks are repairable and should be handled by an expert rather than trying DIY methods. If the damage is extensive, repairs often only further it rather than fixing it fully. Get your windshield replaced by a windshield repair shop.

Intensity of the Damage

Superficial damage is repairable even if it’s seemingly a lot of damage. If the damage hasn’t extended to the middle layer of the auto glass and your windshield repair expert has advised you against replacement, get it repaired. But for damage going all the way from the outside to the inside of the windshield, replacement is the only option.

Position of the Damage

Any part of the windshield that’s in unfit condition is potentially dangerous. Often, car owners neglect cracks or chips that are extending to the sides of the windshield as they are not in direct line of sight. But in reality, damage that extends to the side weakens the structure of the entire windshield. Also, small damage like bull’s eye cracks should be cause for a replacement rather than repairs to minimize the risks of blurry vision or a faulty view. Keeping your car’s integrity is vital and you should take it to a mechanic or a repair shop as soon as something is wrong. If your car’s windows or windshields have any cracks or are chipped, we provide a range of auto glass repairs and windshield repairs at our repair shop—Auto Glass in San Antonio. Visit us at Broadway Street or checkout our website for various windshield repair services we offer. You can also get a free estimate for the damages your car has by filling out this simple form.
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