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Windshield Replacement

4 Signs That Indicate You Need Windshield Replacement

Many people are confused about whether to get their windshield replaced or repaired when it gets damaged. While a professional can guide you better regarding the best course of action if you have a damaged windshield, some signs indicate it’s time for a replacement instead of a repair. Let’s take a look at them here.

Compromises Your View

If your windshield damage is on the driver’s side or compromises your view, it’s time to get a new windshield. Your view of the road while driving needs to be perfect to protect you and others on the road. Even after being repaired, cracks and chips can impair a driver’s view, which is why experts suggest windshield replacement in this scenario.

White Edges

Modern windshields are made of tempered glass and are coated with PVB (Poly Vinyl Butyral) for added protection. This layer of PVB prevents the windshield glass from shattering into small, sharp pieces upon impact. Instead, the pieces are round and pose a reduced threat of injury. However, with time, the PVB coating can wear off. White edges of a windshield are a sign of PVB wearing off. Get your windshield replaced when you spot white edges.

Windshield Has a Missing Piece or a Hole

Small cracks and chips are not much of a problem regarding repairs. Experts use resin to fill it and repair the damage. However, if your windshield has a hole or a missing piece, experts advise you to get it replaced. The holes and missing pieces are difficult to fill; even if they are filled, the windshield’s structural integrity is compromised.

Pitting on Your Windshield

Cracks, chips, and missing pieces are visible on the windshield. However, another type of windshield damage that often goes unnoticed but is very dangerous is windshield pitting. Pitting occurs when debris collides with the windshield and causes minor engravings. These engravings are visible at a specific angle when seen in light. Pits on a windshield can impair a driver’s vision if light shines on it from certain angles. The pits are irreparable, and the windshield needs to be replaced immediately. A newly installed windshield If your windshield has any of the damage mentioned above, it’s time to replace it. Auto Glass in San Antonio offers professional windshield repair and replacement services in San Antonio. Apart from this, our services include 24-hour auto glass replacement, repair, and mobile windshield repair at your doorstep. Contact us now to get a free quote today.
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