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Windshield Repair

How Windshields Make Driving Safe

Many car owners think their windshield is just a barrier against the water and air. This isn’t true. Your windshield protects you against multiple natural elements and from flying debris and accidents, and supports your car. Knowing about the significance of your windshield in terms of safety while driving and the importance of keeping your windshield in good shape, is crucial for every driver. Read all about it here.

Allow the Effective Deployment of Airbags in Cars

In accidents, you might hear about how the airbags saved lives and how important they are. However, you might not have known windshields are critical in the functioning of airbags. When a car collides with another car or object, the airbags initially inflate in the direction of the dashboard. The airbags then bounce off the windshield and into the driver or the passenger to avoid the impact of the collision. Without a windshield, the airbags will not inflate.

Serve as a Cushion in Case of Front-End Collisions

One of the reasons why auto manufacturers and engineers consider the windshield an important safety component in every car is because it can absorb a lot of impact of front-end collisions. This helps avoid excessive injuries to the driver and front seat passenger in the car.

Structurally Support the Car’s Roof and Frame

A roof is a structural reinforcement for the car’s roof and the frame. Without adequate support from a strong windshield, a car’s roof can collapse upon even a minor impact or collision. This is a safety hazard for the passengers in the car. The windshield also supports the car’s windshield frame. Windshields with compromised structural integrity can’t support the windshield’s frame, which can get damaged and out of shape in case of impact.   If you have a damaged windshield, there’s no point risking your safety and life by driving around with it. Get it repaired or replaced by professionals today. Auto Glass in San Antonio offers premium windshield repair and replacement services in San Antonio. Moreover, our services include 24-hour auto glass replacement and mobile windshield repair at your door. Get in touch with us now to get a free quote today.
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