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Windshield Repair

Stop Ignoring Your Rear Windshield And Get it Replaced Now

If your windshield is severely damaged, it can’t be repaired. When it comes to getting your windshield replaced, you may have several questions such as – how to choose a new windshield, what to do after a replacement, and more. If not replaced, a damaged windshield is likely to cause much worse accidents and injuries. Drivers are strictly recommended to seek professional windshield replacement services to prevent any long-term damages. Find out what every vehicle owner should know about windshield replacements.

Consequences of Damaged Windshields

Any structural damage in your vehicle compromises its ability to protect you when you need it the most. Since glass damage gets worse over time, repairing it won’t do any good. You might end up spending a lot more money getting it fixed. However, replacing it may not cost you as much as compared to various small expenses together.

Windshield Designs are Different

Before replacing your windshield, the new one must have the perfect fit for your vehicle. An auto glass expert is likely to order a new windshield specifically designed for your automobile. Though standard windshield sizes are available, fewer ones conform to these specifications. In addition to varying heights and widths of windshields, the thickness and curvature can also differ. It can be hazardous if the size and shape of a windshield don’t match your vehicle. That’s why it needs structural support to keep you safe during a collision.

Windshield Options are Readily Available

There are two types of windshield replacements: original equipment equivalent (OEE) and original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Both types are designed specifically with the original windshield glass of your vehicle. The only difference between the two is that OEM windshields are manufactured by original automakers with their name and logo printed on them whereas, OEM is not.

Importance of Windshield Replacement and Repair

Since your windshield plays the most important function in your car, it must always be in good condition. Get it checked for any damages regularly to prevent further costly expenses. Since a cracked windshield can’t protect you against wind and water while driving, getting it replaced would be the better option. At times when replacement is unnecessary, little chips can be fixed by getting them repaired without delay. If you’re looking for reliable auto glass repair and replacement services, you’ve come to the right place. At Windshield and Auto Glass Replacement and Repair in San Antonio, we provide affordable windshield replacement and repairs and 24-hour services. We offer convenient ways to get this job done without having to visit the shop. Get in touch with our technicians who will come to you whenever you need. Whether the windshield needs big or small repairs or replacement, we are at your service.      
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