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How to Deal with Windshield Damage Immediately After a Road Accident

The risk of a road accident is everpresent, and the auto glass of your vehicle is the most vulnerable to damage. Right when the damage occurs, you must stop and inspect the damage. Once the damage is assessed, you can take care of it as soon as possible. Here’s how to deal with windshield damage before it becomes a costly expense or causes injuries.

Don’t Ignore the Damage

Driving with a damaged windshield can be precarious for drivers and front-seat passengers. Pitted windshields deflect sharp glares of light, which may temporarily blind the driver interfering with your line of vision. The windshield may also collapse, causing serious injuries. Unlike a standard windshield, a damaged one can’t withstand the severity of another accident. When the airbag system is stimulated during an accident, the windshield provides a backstop. However, a damaged windshield can deploy the airbag defeating the purpose of safety during a collision. That’s why drivers are strictly recommended to get a damaged windshield repaired immediately.

Contact Your Insurance Company

After a road accident, contact your insurance company right away. Let them know about the damage and wait for the claim to process. Meanwhile, take pictures of the damage from every angle for your record. If large pieces of glass are missing from your vehicle, cover them with a tarp. This will help protect your car’s interior from the outside elements. During the process, be careful not to hurt yourself with tiny glass pieces.

Seek for Professional Assistance

Get a brand new windshield for your vehicle. If the damage is as small as an eyeball, it can be easily fixed with an adhesive resin. In case of severe damage, however, seek the assistance of an expert. Over time the damage may become life-threatening or a cause for costly repairs. Expert technicians are trained to handle situations like this. They will examine your car and offer the best solution.   If you are searching for the best services for your damaged windshield, look no further than Windshield & Auto Glass Replacement & Repair in San Antonio. We can cater to your vehicle’s windshield requirements whether it needs to be repaired or replaced. We also offer 24-hour glass repair services at cheap rates in San Antonio. If a rock chips your window or windshield glass cracks in a road accident, our experienced technicians will be there to help. Get in touch with us to know more about our offers.  
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