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How To De-Ice Your Windshield Without Scratching It

Have you ever used a metal scraper to get ice off your windshield? Or maybe you’ve thrown a bucket of hot water on it to melt ice? If so, you’re not alone. Standing in the freezing cold and having to scrape ice off your windshield is extremely annoying. If left to that itself, it could take a couple of hours, and nobody has that kind of time. We often resort to quick hacks that get the job done—but these hacks can scratch and weaken your windshield in the process. That’s why we’ve outlined a few quick tricks you can use to de-ice your windshield without causing any damage.


The first step to ensuring a clean windshield is preventing ice from accumulating on it in the first place. So cover your car with a tarp or a towel to protect it from the snow. Be careful not to let the ice fall on the car when you’re lifting it off, however. You can also spray your car’s windshield with a homemade ice-prevention solution such as vinegar and water. Mix the two in a 1:1 ratio and apply lightly to ensure a frost-free windshield the next day. However, if your windshield is chipped or cracked, do not use this solution, as the acidity could cause further deterioration. If, for some reason, you’re unable to prevent your windshield from ice exposure, you can make a de-icing solution with any of these common household items.


Salt chemically breaks down ice into its liquid form. This is a common technique that’s used to de-ice roads and pavements and can be used to clean your car too. It does this by lowering the freezing point of liquids and can prevent ice accumulation. Mix two teaspoons of salt in a glass of water and spray the resulting solution on the glass. Be careful not to put too much salt on the windscreen, though, as it can damage the glass—a thin layer should suffice.

Rubbing alcohol

Rubbing alcohol also lowers the freezing point of water and prevents the build-up of ice. Add two cups of rubbing alcohol to one cup of water in a spray bottle. Unlike salt, rubbing alcohol does not damage glass, so you can use as much as is needed. This process works quite fast, and you’ll find that all the ice will melt within a few minutes of spraying.  

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