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chattering windshield wipers
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Why Your Windshield Wipers Squeak and How to Fix Them

Driving down the road, smooth and nice. Until… The rain suddenly starts pouring down—heavily. You can’t help but turn on your windshield wipers, after all, it’s imperative that you maintain on-road visibility to avoid any accidents or collisions. As you turn the switch… Wait, what’s that sound? Squea-a-a-ak! Squeak, squeak, squeak… Followed by another squeak. It’s coming from your windshield wipers as they laboriously arc the surface of your car’s screen. But what’s causing your windshield wipers to squeak? There can be several reasons for that. Below are the most common ones, and a few proposed solutions to help you fix your chattering windshield wipers.  

Built-up dirt on your windshield

If you haven’t cleaned your windshield for a long time, those fallen leaves, twigs, road debris and dirt are very likely to have accumulated on it and they might be what causing your wipers to squeak. The Fix:You need to thoroughly clean your windshield and your windshield wipers. Nothing too technical here. Simply grab a glass cleaner from a local store, spray it onto the windshield and the rubber of your windshield wipers, and clean them using a soft cloth.    

Your windshield lacks moisture

When your windshield lacks moisture, friction may impede the movement of wipers causing them to squeak. The Fix: A little extra lubrication should do the trick. Open your windshield wiper fluid reservoir—it’s located under your car’s hood—and simply refill it. However, make sure you don’t fill it to the top. Leave it partially unfilled to avoid spillage when closing the cap.  

That wax—you just applied!

Did you apply wax on your windshield before you hit the road?  Well, then it’s very likely that the wax is causing your windshield wipers to squeak. The Fix: Simple, just remove the wax. Get a piece of soft cloth, dampen it with water and wring out any wax in excess.  

Your wiper blades are old and have been worn out

Wiper blades can develop wear and tear. Just like any other equipment. Excessively worn out wiper blades have rough edges and these rough and exposed edges can cause them to squeak as they move across your windshield. Not only that, but they may also cause permanent scratches on your windshield—or at worst damage it. The Fix: Get your wiper blades replaced immediately. Don’t worry, they don’t cost much; you can easily afford them.   If your windshield has been damaged by the squeak of your wiper blades, reach out to us, we’ll come to your place and repair it. If the damage turns out to be beyond repairable, we can also replace your windshield.
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