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A Broken Car Window? Please,Avoid Covering It with Plastic!

We see many cars on roads and highways with broken windows, and motorists using plastic sheets to cover the void. Although, we understand why they, or you, may be tempted to employ this quick fix strategy (sometimes, we don’t have time to take our cars to a repair shop to get the broken window replaced, while at other times money can be an issue), we would humbly request you to please avoid covering your broken car windows with plastic. That’s because this practice carries risks – and some of these risks can be fatal for you and for those you share the road with…  

Plastic won’t stop flying objects

Your car’s windows are designed to keep you and passengers in your car safe during driving. Any debris or object that may come flying into your car’s cabin, are stopped by the auto glass installed in your car’s windows. Plastic isn’t strong enough to provide you that the same degree of protection. A flying shard of glass or piece of metal can easily tear through it, and propel into your car’s cabin, injuring you or other passengers in the process.  

It won’t keep the weather out

Not only flying objects, but plastic can’t beat any weather elements either. In the event of a heavy downpour, rainwater is very likely to find its way into your car’s cabin. Cold and heat are likely to keep you troubled during your journey. Even if you turn on the heater, or your car’s ac, they’re unlikely to help your situation. In fact, you’ll only be wasting energy and gas as you crank up the miles with your heater/ac turned on.  

And then of course…

It also makes your car vulnerable to theft. It doesn’t take a highly-experienced thief to break through a car that has its side window covered in plastic. You may stick the plastic sheet with the help of a strong tape or an adhesive, but the thief should still be able to pull the plastic away. If not, they may cut through it using a sharp knife. Gone in 60 seconds—both your car and the valuables you kept inside it. Now coming to the solution. It’s obvious what you need to do. If you are worried about the cost, auto glass replacement is more affordable than you think. Besides, your insurance company might also be able to contribute to some of the incurred expenses (or even in full), so you don’t really need to worry here. As for the hassle of taking your car to a nearby shop, at Auto Glass in San Antonio, we have also got that covered. We provide mobile auto glass repair and replacement services. You don’t have to go anywhere; our technicians will come to you and will perform the necessary repairs in no time. Call us at 210-793-7115 to schedule a service, or you can also drop us a message on our contact page.
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