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Crack Hacks: 4 Ways to STOP a Windshield Crack from Spreading

First things first… This guide is not a replacement for professional windshield repair service; no hacks or DIY repair kits can permanently fix a windshield crack. The tips we discuss here are only meant to provide you with a temporary leeway in cases where you’re unable to get your damaged windshield repaired right away and you need to use your car in the meantime. So, how can you stop a windshield crack from spreading to the domains of “unrepairable”, and ensure your car remains safe to drive, while you wait for the cavalry to arrive? We’ve compiled some tips, crack hacks as we call them, to help you out…  

Crack Hack #1: Apply nail polish around the damaged area

What? Yes! And it works—temporarily. First, clean the damaged area, using mild soap water. Once the area has been cleaned, fill the chip and the area around it with a nail polish. Use a clear nail polish for the purpose as you don’t want it to obstruct your view, when driving later on.  

Crack Hack #2: Use super glue to seal the crack

Again, worth reiterating that it’s only a temporary solution. Just like you started off with the nail polish hack, you’ll first need to clean the damaged area to make sure that dirt, debris or dust particles do not end up inside the crack; they can cause it to spread. Next, using a dropper, squeeze the glue into the crack and move the tip of the dropper to ensure the glue gets spread evenly throughout the crack. Wipe off any excessive glue, but do it gently – applying too much force can make the crack worse.  

Crack Hack #3: Tape the crack

Dirt and moisture are the two biggest threats to the structural integrity of a cracked windshield. They are also the ones your windshield is most likely to get exposed to. Covering the crack as such with the help of tape can add a protective barrier and ensure that moisture or dirt does not cause the crack to spread further. It’s recommended that you use a clear tape for the application. You can also use a duct tape if the location of crack does not impede with your visibility on road.  

Crack Hack #4: Always park your car in shade

Sunlight, snow, and rain can cause the crack on your windshield to grow bigger. Parking your car in shade will ensure that your cracked windshield remains protected against these elements of nature. And with that, we come to the end of our list. We’ve given you enough time to implement an appropriate solution, but don’t take this for granted. Stay safe and drive safely! A Bonus read: Should you get your windshield repaired or replaced?
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