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Common Causes Of Broken Windshields

If you drive a car, then you’ll be very aware that there’s a lot that goes into its maintenance and repairs. Everything from the engine to the windshield can cause trouble at any point in time, and it’s best to be prepared for the inevitability. With windshields, it’s not unusual to get cracks and chips. In order to be better informed on the matter, so that you can get repairs carried out in a timely manner, it helps to know what some of the common causes of windshield damage are!

Car Accidents

One of the most frequently common and dangerous reasons for windshield damage are car accidents. The damage can be particularly obvious if you have totaled your car, but sometimes, the high impact of collision can result in cracks and fractures that are barely noticeable initially. After a car accident, you need to make sure to check the windshield for any breaks, chips, or cracks that can threaten the structural integrity of the windshield. Sometimes car accidents are unavoidable, but make an effort to practice safe driving to minimize chances of being in one.

Poor Windshield Installation

If a windshield has been installed incorrectly, you could be a left with a loose fit that is likely to crack eventually. The vibrations of the car moving can inevitably lead to this happening if the windshield has not been installed properly. If you notice that the windshield looks loose or has wind and water leaks, it’s imperative to show it to a professional and get it fixed for the sake of the safety of those in the car!

Temperature Extremes

If you are living in an area where the temperatures tend to change drastically during the year, then you might have to prepare yourself for the inevitably of windshield replacement or repair. If you have severe heat or severe cold, the glass tends to expand or contract. With a windshield, the areas of the windshield that are closer to the edge are likely to heat faster than the middle, which results in different rates of contraction and expansion, which leads to cracks.

Poor Quality Glass

If your windshield is that of poor quality glass, then you will be more than likely to see manufacturing defects in it, as compared to if it were a high quality windshield glass. You need to invest in the right professionals for your windshield installation needs, who can provide you with the right, top quality windshield glass. If you find yourself looking for someone to carry out your car windshield replacement and repair in San Antonio, then we at Auto Glass in San Antonio are at your service! With 30 years of experience in the field, we provide you with a reliable and convenient solution to your windshield crack repair or windshield installation needs. Give us a call at to make use of our services!
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