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Driving With A Broken Windshield? Yay Or Nay?

Broken windshields are one of the biggest safety hazards when it comes to driving. 23% of estimated 5,870,00 vehicle accidents that take place are weather-related. Windshields provide a huge barrier against these harsh weather conditions. Having good windshields and keeping your windshield clear even in bad weather is a plus point. Whether it’s the weather or an accident or sudden hit to the windshield, it cannot and should not be ignored.

No longer a shield

A windshield cannot function properly with a crack or after it has been shattered. Windshields do more than just protecting us from airstreams; they are also responsible for preventing debris, small rocks, birds and any other obstruction from striking us at high speeds. It gets more dangerous driving with a cracked windshield as it can completely shatter on another impact, causing injuries to the driver or passengers.

Weakens Driver Compartment

A cracked windshield can weaken the roof as it forms a protective cage which surrounds both the driver and passengers in the car. In case of a weakened roof, it increases chances of the roof crashing or collapsing during an accident. A functional windshield withstands head-on collisions.

Distorted View

Windshields can enhance the sunlight glare during the day and at night the headlight. This can cause the driver to miscalculate, making driving situations worse. It can prevent from seeing the traffic coming from the opposite side. This also depends on the size of the crack, approaching the distance of oncoming vehicle, and the angle. Dirty windscreens cause drivers to crash twice as often compared to driving with new or clean windscreens.  

Airbags Become Less Effective

Many cars have windshields as an essential element to deploy airbags. During collisions, the windshield helps deploy the airbag. If the windshield has been tampered or cracked, it won’t be able to withstand the impact of the airbag and shatter, leaving the driver and the passenger in a precarious situation. In extreme cases, the passenger can be ejected from the seat and thrown out from the car resulting in serious injuries or death. Auto Glass in San Antonio is available for a windshield replacement or 24-hour auto glass service. Contact us at 210-793-7115.
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