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The Latest Developments in Windshield Technology

Technology is constantly developing the automotive industry. Innovation has been an integral part of designing and manufacturing cars. With the beginning of a new year, let’s take a look at the advanced features related to car windshields and glass.
1. Panoramic Windshields.
Panoramic windshields were introduced in Tesla Model X and are considered the largest all-glass windshield available today. It spans 31 square feet of surface area and stretches out over the driver and passenger’s seats. It exceeds the standard roofline, providing uninhibited visibility. Panoramic windshields were developed to combine sunroofs and windshields, allowing Tesla drivers to see everything outside the car. It allows natural light to fill the interior, and if sunlight is too strong, the solar tinting darkens the glass automatically.
2. Smart Car Glass
Smart glass, also known as electrochromic glass, is a glazing technique that enables drivers to limit sunlight coming inside the vehicle. Special solar films are layered between the windshield laminates to control it electronically. The glass changes its transparency, filtering out natural light. It also allows the driver to adjust the tint in the side windows and the windshield. Smart glass has many advantages. It brings comfort to the passengers and conserves energy used for cooling the car within. It would also prevent the car from heating up while parked.
3. Heated Front Windshields
Some cars brands like Land Rover, Jaguar, and Mercedes-Benz, have introduced cars with heated front windshields. Heated front windshields are ideal for extreme winters as they can defrost and defog faster than traditional windshields. This special glass works like heated, rare windshields without displaying black lines. Since a clear vision is the biggest concern with windshields, engineers designed translucent wiring and sandwiched the network between the windshield layers. The heated wires within the windshield are almost invisible, increasing the driver’s view.
4. Wiper-Free Windshields
Wiper-free windshields were introduced by McLaren but have yet to become a reality. These windshields don’t require wipers to clear away the snow or rain while driving. It would use an ultrasonic force to slide moisture from the glass immediately. The concept refers to applying high-frequency sound waves that will keep your windshields clean all the time. Hopefully, wiper-free windshields will soon be available, allowing drivers a safer, convenient, and aerodynamic solution for clear windshields. To learn more about windshields, visit our website. Experts at Auto Glass in San Antonio offer cheap windshield replacement and repair services. Contact us today and get a free quote!  
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