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Windshield Projection Technology: What’s The Fuss All About?

Automakers have been experimenting with HUD in automobiles for a long time now. In the past, this feature was just limited to military and luxury vehicles but all of that has changed over the last couple of years. Nowadays you can find this technology in economy vehicles where it’s used for mimicking dashboard features like speedometer and fuel levels. Furthermore, several vehicles also allow drivers to synchronize their phones with the dashboard.  

Distracted Driving and HUDs

  Car manufacturers understand that it can be tough for drivers to keep track of the excessive information. It diverts their attention from the road and can lead to accidents. Statistics too suggest the same thing. 25% motor vehicle fatalities occur due to distracted driving. HUD systems were designed to address this problem but these displays were very small in size and were not always visible. The driver had to take their eyes away from the road in order to look at the display and that was quite risky.  

Windshield Projection Systems

Developers were aware of the problems that HUD systems caused and set about to design a solution that would be convenient for the drivers. The result was windshield projection systems. The entire windshield, or a specific area, was covered with transparent fluorescent coating. That specific area becomes a screen for the display. It’s referred to as TransPlay and it converts a UVA dark image projected from a scanner into a fluorescence visible image. The image is in color and is rendered on the screen through a customized projector. It’s different from display technologies like cathode ray tubes and plasma because it uses a structure less fluorescent screen which eliminates the need for projector to screen alignment. The projector consists of vertically stacked films which correspond with the emissions of green, blue and red display lights.  

Laser TransPlay

Usually DLP projectors are used for presenting video images but designers have also developed laser projectors. These are known as laser TransPlay. Like DLP projectors, laser TransPlay too consisted of vertically stacked fluorescent films and covered the entire screen. The projector is either mounted on top of the vehicle’s roof or under the dashboard. The goal is to reduce the space that it occupies. The best part is that it doesn’t even need a separate power source. It operates using the 12 V power supply from the car battery.  

Advantages of This System   

Windshield projection technology converts the entire screen into a display which provides information like warning signs. It can be converted into a global positioning system. The display is bright and colorful and the information is clearly visible, even during daytime. Facing problems with car windshield? Get in touch with us. We offer windshield replacement services in San Antonio. In addition to that, we also offer car window repair services. Contact us at 210-793-7115 or visit our website for further information.  
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