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The Latest Developments in Windshield Technology: 2021 Edition

Windshields are among the most useful features that cars can have today. Even though they started off as luxury items that were not commonplace and had to be added as an optional feature in cars, windshields are a necessity today. They protect your car and keep you safe, and they’re only getting better! Here are some windshield technology developments emerging in 2021.

1. Smart Windshield Glass

When it comes to futuristic technology, cars are always in the forefront with a lot of the focus being placed on ability to fly and smart controls. One such smart control is the one emerging for smart windshield glass. You can now find ‘smart’ windshields in the market that are able to project displays by connecting it to your phone. This technology is called the ‘heads-up display (HUD)’ similar to the one used in aircrafts. It can keep your eyes set straight towards the road by displaying the data you need on the windshield itself.

2. Windshields You Can Heat Up

Too much heat and constant direct sunlight can be bad for a windshield’s health but so can the fog and condensation that come with cold weather. We now have technology that can heat up your car during winter months to remove the fog and frost on your windshield and help you drive smoothly and safely.

3. Panoramic Windshields

Panoramic windshields are huge and extend all the way to the front of your car roof. They allow for a much wider view of the sky above you as you drive – a feature that nature lovers are sure to fall in love with! Even Tesla’s new Model X is being marketed for having this feature and you can’t help but absolutely gush over how cool it looks.

4. Windshields Made Of Gorilla Glass

Gorilla Glass is a type of glass created by automotive giant Corning and widely used in phones and tablets. It is very aptly named since this glass is known to be sturdy and strong enough to withstand impacts that standard glass cannot and does not get scratched. Threats like debris during harsh weather, emissions of CO2 while driving and inefficient fuel usage are all tackled by the Gorilla Glass. It protects your windshield from cracks and chips and looks super cool while doing it!   Looking For Auto Repair Services? Attention, residents of San Antonio, TX! If you ever require any help in repairing or replacing your auto glass or windshield, get in touch with our expert technicians at Auto Glass in San Antonio. We are available for hire 24 hours a day and can provide mobile services by coming straight to your garage! Schedule a call today.
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