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4 Interesting Facts about Windshields

When you think about parts of a car that make it interesting, the windshield is probably not one of them. They’re never something we put too much thought into until they get chipped or cracked. Windshields are very important for protection and practicality of your car, but what if we told you that they are also a lot more interesting than you think? Here are some fascinating facts that will change the way you look at windshields.

1.Tempered Glass Is Less Likely to Injure You

Tempered glass is the type of auto glass used most commonly in car windows and that’s because it is a lot less likely to hurt you if it breaks. It shatters into minute pieces which are less likely to puncture your skin than big shards of standard glass!

2.They Make Up Most of Auto Insurance Claims

Out of all the automotive claims filed in the United States every year, windshield damage claims make up by far the highest percentage. They are the most common type of auto insurance claims in the country because of how susceptible windshields are to damage.

3.Laminated Safety Glass Was an Accidental Invention

Laminated safety glass is most often used in car windshields and is known for being generally shatterproof. But did you know that it was accidentally invented by a Frenchman named Bénédictus? He discovered the shatterproof properties of laminated glass when he accidentally knocked a flask over his table. Instead of shattering as normal glass does, it crumbled into tiny pieces. He later realized it was because of an adhesive seal made on the glass. This is one of the coolest stories in the auto industry so be sure to read up on it!

4.Panoramic Windshields Are All the Hype

If you’re not familiar with what panoramic windshields are, do yourself a favor and look them up right away! Panoramic windshields are huge, wide-scape windshields that extend all the way to the roof of the car. They have blown up in popularity nowadays, recently even becoming a main feature of Tesla’s Model X.

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