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Windshield Repair

4 Reasons Why Your Car Windshield Should Be of Premium Quality

Windshields play a fundamental part in providing safety to the driver and passengers inside cars. Most people avoid replacing their original windshields for as long as possible. However, it can be extremely dangerous for you to drive your car with cracked auto glass. Here are some reasons to keep in mind.

Supports the Roof of The Vehicle

The windshield isn’t just supposed to protect you from the elements and prevent ricocheting rocks from injuring you. Modern windshields are designed to boost your car’s structural integrity. During collision accidents, the glass cracks while taking in a lot of energy from the impact.

Shield from Minor Impacts

While driving, small objects, insects, rocks might fly by the car and can scratch or damage the windshield, significantly hindering your visibility. Substandard quality auto glass can succumb to those and might even crack due to minor hits. Original windshields are tough and can endure the weather changes as well as minor accidents without getting damaged completely.

Airbag Arrangement

Windshields support the deployment of airbags in your car. If after a collision, the auto glass separates from the car, the airbags will not deploy, risking the life of the passengers. During a major accident, the impact of the blow might cause the occupant to be thrown out of the car. Windshields act as barriers for that and reduce the impact.

Protects in Major Accidents

Low-quality auto glass can cause more damage than safety. As the OEM auto glass is coated with double layers of glass and is laminated with Polyvinyl Butyral that provides durable binding and visual clarity, it is the best one to be used. It doesn’t shatter into small pieces because of this layer and doesn’t injure the passenger.

What Are Your Options?

Original Equipment Manufacturer windshields are a very close substitute to your car’s first windscreen that it came with. This takes into account the thickness, the tint, the layers of the glass, and the shape of the windshield. After-market windshields are cheaper alternatives and are manufactured by glass companies that don’t have full knowledge about all the criteria of the windscreen. Some insurance companies coerce their clients to buy the after-market windshields to reduce their costs. Yet, it is risky for the owner of the car to be taking that decision. If you need to make sure that your car has an OEM windshield or you need an auto glass replacement, you can contact us. Our team of trained technicians give you a guaranteed repairs, and we make sure to use only OEM auto glass products to provide the residents of San Antonio with a hassle-free service.        
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