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Windshield Repair

Windshields and Vehicle Safety: Explained

The windshield of a vehicle is typically a neglected component. Sure, we get it repaired when there’s a crack, leak, or chip on it. But regular maintenance is essential since a windshield does more than just letting you see the road ahead clearly. Here are some reasons why your windshields are important for safety:

Provides support to airbags

Airbags are a safety feature installed in cars in the United States and other parts of the world. They inflate on contact and protect passengers from getting severely injured. Deaths in frontal crashes have decreased by 26% due to the addition of airbags. Airbags are fitted in a way that requires the support of a windscreen to function properly. The airbag inflates across the windscreen and ensures it’s in the right position in the event of a crash. A badly fitted windscreen might get dislodged due to the pressure exerted by the airbags.

Chips and cracks affect visibility

Pebbles and debris get launched into the air while driving. These cause minute scratches to form on the surface of a windscreen. You won’t notice these scratches much on a new windshield, but once it’s a few years old, they’ll distort your view. Chips in the windscreen can easily be repaired by technicians; however, larger chips tend to warp the glass and your view too. This can affect your judgment of how close or far you are from other vehicles, making it a safety hazard. Change your windscreen when you feel like it’s affecting your visibility. The slightest blind spot can cause severe damage.

Cracked windscreens

Cracks can easily develop on windscreens when pressure is exerted in a certain area or a heavy object has come in contact with it. Windscreen cracks and shattered auto glass affect visibility and put passengers at risk of injury. Some car owners tend to ignore windscreen cracks, however, even the slightest pressure on a compromised windscreen can be detrimental.

Windscreens and stability of the vehicle

Damaged windshields are weaker and can’t provide an optimum level of protection. The glass is likelier to shatter and cause damage when it’s already been damaged. The integrity and stability provided by the glass are negatively impacted to a great degree.

Shatterproof glass

Windscreens have been developed to be much stronger than they were in the past. They’ve been reinforced to provide as much protection to passengers as possible. Invest in shatterproof glass for your vehicle to keep the risk of injury to a minimum. SA Auto Glass will help you find the best auto glass for your vehicle. Our technicians have years of experience in the field and can replace your windscreen in minutes. We also provide windshield repair in San Antonio as well as auto glass replacement. Our 24/7 auto windshield repair and replacement services have been launched for your convenience. Call (210)793-7115 to book a service or for any additional questions you may have.    
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