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3 Most Common Causes of Windshield Damage and How to Avoid Them!

A windshield is a lot more than just a glass covering. It’s an important safety feature that protects the car and the driver from several external factors, including wind, flying debris, dust, insects, and rocks. The windshield is also responsible for deploying airbags to reduce the number of injuries if anything goes wrong. It is, therefore, important that the windshield is held properly and free from damage for optimum functionality. Here’s a list of common causes of windshield damages:

Direct sunlight and heat

If your windshield is already chipped or cracked, avoid exposing it to direct sunlight. Heat can cause the glass to expand. This can widen the cracks and make your windshield even more vulnerable than it already is. The same goes for extremely cold temperatures. Cold weather causes the glass to shrink and can also lead to cracks. Most cars also have a black ceramic frit that protects the seal responsible for holding the windshield glass in place. Since the frit and the seal are both black in color, they also absorb heat easily and pass it onto the glass. This, again, puts the windshield at risk of heating up. The best way to deal with the issue is to park the car inside a garage during peak heat hours. If you’re parking it outside, make sure you’ve covered it well.

Excessive gravel

If the route to your office has a lot of debris or gravel, it’s recommended to change the route! Such roads are hot-zones for windshield damage. When you’re driving, debris, stones, and pebbles can fly up and hit your windshield very easily. The risk is higher near construction zones and unpaved roads. Since these objects are small, they often go unnoticed until they hit the target. Despite the small size, gravel and pebbles can hit your windshield at high speed if you’re driving fast and can cause the glass to crack or chip. As a rule of thumb, always drive slowly when you’re crossing a construction site. Maintain a safe distance from a construction vehicle that might be carrying rock, machinery, or tools. If such a vehicle is overtaking you, keep your speed to the bare minimum.

Lack of maintenance

Just like the rest of your car, the windshield also needs to be taken for routine inspections. If your windshield has retained small chips or cracks and you consider them too trivial for professional attention, you’re potentially compromising your own safety. Over time, minor chips can expand into a full-blown spiderweb of windshield cracks. The more you delay the repairs, the more expensive they’ll be. Most of the time, windshield chips are too tiny to be noticed. Only an expert’s eye can ascertain the extent of the damage. The windshield experts at Auto Glass in San Antonio can carry out a thorough inspection if you’re based in San Antonio, TX. We also offer windshield repairs and replacement services in the area. Request a free quote now.
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