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Windshield Leak? Here’s What You Can Do!

Have you ever wondered why the inside of your car, mainly the dashboard, is wet after a quick wash? Well, the bad news is that it might be a windshield leakage problem in your car. Windshield leaks are a common problem, especially in old cars. With time, the windshield seal becomes less adhesive, forming small openings. If you are dealing with a leakage problem for the first time, here is what you should consider doing:

Use The Hose Test To Locate The Leak

The first thing you need to ensure when dealing with a windshield leak is to locate the part where it leaks. This will help you understand whether you are dealing with a single area or many points. A hose test can be a good way to locate the leak as you need a few house items to start. You’ll need a water hose and access to water. First, have a person with you and let them sit inside the car. Next, using the hose, spray water on the car’s windshield. As you spray water on it, the water can make its way through the leaks. This will help the person inside to locate the leaks.

Use Seam-Sealers To Fix Minor Windshield Leaks

In case the leaks only arise from a single point. It means the issue isn’t severe. (It’s always best to contact a windshield repair specialist when dealing with a leak, minor or severe, to ensure your safety). Seam-sealers can fix these kinds of minor issues. To apply a seam sealer, first, clean the windshield area where your friend noticed the leak. Before the applying phase, make sure no dust or debris is left. Next, take an adequate amount of sealer and apply it on the spot underneath the seal. Please press on the seal lightly and wait for a few minutes for it to set. This simple process ensures a minor leak is fixed.

Contact a Windshield Repair Specialist

Even though you can fix a leak in a short while, it doesn’t mean you should. Contact an expert in case of leaks to handle the issue properly. They have the right tools and equipment to fix the leaks quickly. As windshields are made of glass, improper handling can damage them beyond repair. Contact a windshield expert in your area and hire their services rather than fixing it yourself. This will ensure not only the safety of your windshield but also yourself.

Get Affordable And Quick Windshield Repair Service By Auto Glass In San Antonio 

Now that you are aware of dealing with leakage and face the issue in San Antonio, why not consider us to get your windshield repaired. Auto Glass in San Antonio gives you affordable auto glass repairing services and windshield replacement quickly and conveniently. Contact us to get your windshield leakage problem fixed in less than 30 minutes.
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