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Why Are There Smudges on Your Windscreen?

Any obstruction in the windscreen can be very annoying for the driver. If your windshield wipers are creating smears instead of cleaning the glass, you have a serious problem. This problem can result from variety of reasons. Identify what they are and get them fixed immediately.

Smears in both directions

Wiper blades oscillate from one corner of the screen to another. If you’re noticing smears in both direction, chances are that your wiper blades are extremely dirty, completely worn-out or lacking lubrication. Replace, repair or clean the wiper blades to prevent smears on your windshield. You may also want to clean your windshield thoroughly. Using dirty wiper blades for cleaning purposes can leave behind a thin residue of dirt and grease on the screen. Invest in a quality windshield cleaning agent and clean the glass and wiper blades thoroughly.  Apply small amount of rubbing alcohol at the edge of the wiper blades to prevent streaks on your windshield.

Streaks and smears in one direction

This also results from worn-out or broken wiper blades. Inspect the wiper for broken component, missing rubbers, tears, or exposed metal body. Installation of wrong-sized wiper blades can also result in streaks. Make sure you install new wiper blades that are designed for your vehicle. Regularly clean and maintain wipers to avoid smears, streaks or scratches.

Smears and water beads

The job of wiper blades is to clean marks and remove water from the windshield. If it fails to perform its job and obscures your vision, then step back and evaluate the surrounding area. Your wiper blades aren’t always to blame. Dirt and water droplet tend to accumulate on glass surfaces in highly polluted areas. Dust, dirt, pollutants and grime present in the air stick on the windshield. When the driver turns on the wipers, the residue accumulated on the glass surface and wiper blades spreads across the screen, leaving smudges and dirt streaks behind. Treat your windshield with cleaning agent and water repellent and regularly clean wiper blades to prevent residue accumulation. An already damaged windshield becomes prone to smudges and streaks. Get your windshield repaired immediately for a clear view of the road. Auto Glass in San Antonio can perform all type of windshield repair services. We also offer mobile windshield repair services. Our experienced technicians visit your place and fix the problems on spot. We also offer guarantees on all of our services therefore, you don’t have to worry about losing your money. Call (210) 793-7115 now to avail are quick and cost-effective services.
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