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Windshield Repair

A Guide to Using Insurance Claim to Pay for Windshield Repairs

Data collected by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) shows a staggering number of 45,000 accidents in the US caused annually due to poor vehicle maintenance. Structural or mechanical damage to any part of the vehicle is a reason for concern for any car owner or driver. Windshield damage is no different. Cracked or chipped windshields require immediate repair. Getting them fixed right away by a windshield repair expert should be your top priority to prevent risks of accidents. Not to mention, small cracks and chips can cause the windshield to shatter completely even upon small impact, furthering the damage. If you have damaged your windshield somehow, here’s what you need to know about filing the insurance claim.

What Does Your Insurance Cover?

While the coverage you’re offered depends largely on the insurance package you have; a comprehensive insurance policy will definitely cover repair or replacement costs for windshield damage. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners has stated clear guidelines for what is meant by comprehensive auto insurance for each US state. If you don’t have comprehensive coverage but do have auto glass coverage, you will still get insurance to cover the costs of windshield repair or replacement.  

What is the Deductible Amount?

Every auto insurance policy states clearly the rate of deductibles for every single repair or replacement. Repair is generally far less expensive than replacements and deductibles might or might not apply depending on the insurance policy and regulations, according to the Insurance Information Institute. Even if you have to pay the deductible, it will be a small amount. Windshield repairs will often cost less than the agreeable deductible, in which case, filing a claim is useless and paying out of your pocket can be a cost-friendlier option.

Which Auto Glass Repair Service is Insurance Compliant?

Getting your windshield repaired at an auto glass repair service preferred by your insurance company is your best option to avoid any hassle. Approved services will even take care of your claim and will bill the insurance company directly.

Getting the Right Treatment

Talk to your repair experts about the list of options against the damage and discuss the pros and cons for all options. A windshield repair should be carefully handled and getting the best treatment should be the priority. Some insurance policies require auto glass services to use original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts in case of replacement. Since OEM parts come directly from car manufacturers rather than third-party companies, they’re likely to be more compatible and expensive.   Make sure your repair expert isn’t using a knock-off, cheaper glass to replace the windshield. If you’re in San Antonio, Auto Glass in San Antonio offers reliable auto glass and windshield repair services in the area. We offer a 3-month warranty for repairs and replacements. Check out our auto glass repair services and give us a call at (210)793-7115 if you have any questions. You can also get a free quote for our services!
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