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Risks of Driving Without Side Mirrors

More than 30,000 crashes occur in the US each year. Improper driving and carelessness are the reasons for such a high number. Driving requires absolute focus on the road, which is why side view mirrors are a significant part. They are so named as they’re placed on either side of the front seat windows. Although you can drive without side mirrors, it is risky and not recommended at all. Here are some risks which you can face when driving without side mirrors: It’s Illegal To Drive Without Side Mirrors Wondering why you shouldn’t drive without side mirrors? The most obvious reason is that it’s against the law. Side mirrors are a basic requirement for a fully functional vehicle. Texas transportation law doesn’t approve driving if your car has no side mirrors. If you’re driving without side mirrors, cops can pull you over and charge you with a violation and give you a ticket. It’s best to drive with both side mirrors intact and follow the state law.

Obstruction Of Vision Increases Risk Of Accidents

Side mirrors are used to make safer turns. They provide a full view of the sides and the oncoming traffic. This helps the driver know when it’s safe to take a turn or overtake another car and when it’s not. Now, if you consider driving without side mirrors, you wouldn’t be able to observe the car’s sides properly. This, in turn, can lead to an increase in the risk of accidents.

Increases The Area Of Blind Spots While Driving

As humans, we can only see about 180⁰, i.e., we can only view the side where our eyes are facing, but when driving, we need to keep an eye on the cars to the side and behind us. This is where side mirrors and rearview mirrors come in. Side mirrors and rearview mirrors provide a nearly complete vision of the back but still contain blind spots. Driving a car without side mirrors can increase blind spots as well, leading to a greater risk of accidents.

Get Your Auto Glass Repaired At Auto Glass In San Antonio

Just like side mirrors, windshields are another important car part that allows you to view the front and backside of your car. If your car’s auto glass is damaged, why not consider us for your next repair? Auto Glass In San Antonio provides mobile services across San Antonio and offers complete windshield replacement and auto glass repair of all sorts. Please schedule an appointment today and let our trained professionals provide you with quick and affordable windshield replacements that are approved by most major insurance companies in San Antonio, TX.    

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