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5 Tips to Prevent Automobile Break-Ins.

The National Insurance Crime Bureau reported 873,080 car thefts in 2020. While automobile break-ins are common occurrences, there are specific precautions you can take to reduce the risk of it happening. Implement the following steps to make it difficult for a potential thief to break into your car.

1. Lock Your Car Doors and Roll Up the Windows.    

After you park your car, double-check if the windows and doors are locked. In most cases, thieves search for an unlocked car to steal items. They prefer not having to bust a window or pick a lock if they can avoid it because the more time they spend around your car, the riskier it is for them. Therefore, keep your car locked to prevent potential automobile thefts.

2. Park Your Car in Well-Lit Areas.

Parking in shadowy or dark areas makes it easier for thieves to break into your car without being seen. Burglars prefer breaking into cars at night. However, parking your car in well-lit areas can keep them at bay! If you have to park on the street at night, consider parking under street lamps!

3. Install A Security System And Advertise It.

Anti-theft systems such as window alarms, ignition cut-off, or steering wheel locks can effectively prevent automobile theft. Installing a security system in your car will alert you if someone tries to break into it. Some latest systems feature two-way communication such that when the alarm goes on, you’re notified on your smartphone. Furthermore, pasting a car alarm sticker on your windshield can help deter thieves, even if you don’t have a car alarm!

4. Hide Valuables

Displaying your prized possessions in your car can attract thieves. If you have some valuable items in your car, cover them with a blanket or a towel. We would suggest you keep your valuables in the trunk to reduce the chances of a break-in.

5. Tint Your Windows

Window tint can make it challenging for thieves to look inside your car. Tinted windows drastically reduce the chances of a thief targeting your car. Nevertheless, ensure the window tint regulations in your state before proceeding with this precautionary measure. Cars with broken windshields are also an easy target for thieves. Contact Auto Glass in San Antonio for cheap windshield repairs. Call us today to get a free quote!    

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