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4 Myths About Windshield Repair, Debunked!

Windshield repair can come in handy in many situations and is a valuable process that can help you save money on car maintenance. However, there are several myths regarding windshield repairs that are not true. If done by a reliable and professional windshield repair company, windshield repair is a smooth process that can help you restore your windshield, so your view isn’t obstructed while driving. Let’s take a look at some windshield repair myths and debunk them in this blog.

1. “Windshield Repair Will Make Your Windshield As Good As New”

Windshield repair can fix small chips and cracks. However, it’s not a cosmetic repair. This means that the chip or crack will still be on your windshield after the repair. The repair process restores the structural integrity of the windshield glass and prevents the chip from spreading.

2. “Small Chips Don’t Require Repairs”

A lot of people assume small chips and cracks are harmless. However, this isn’t the case. No matter how small a chip is, it can compromise the structural integrity of the windshield and can spread upon further impact or vibrations while driving. We advise you to get even the tiniest of rock chips repaired immediately and not drive until it’s done.

3. “You Can Repair Your Windshield Yourself”

Many people believe they can repair small cracks on their windshield by using glue and the windshield repair kit available at hardware stores. However, this is a bad idea. Not only can you further damage the windshield, but you can also injure yourself. Windshield repairs should always be done by professionals with the knowledge and skillset, along with the necessary tools and protective equipment for the procedure.

4. “Windshield Repairs Take a Lot of Time”

Some people believe windshield repair takes several hours, and they’ll need to take a day off work and wait at the workshop for it to get fixed. This isn’t always the case. Professional windshield experts can repair windshields in as little as 30 minutes and do it at your doorstep. A professional working on a windshield If you’re looking for a reliable windshield repair company, Auto Glass in San Antonio is your one-stop solution. We are an auto glass repair and replacement company and offer mobile windshield repair and replacement services across San Antonio. Moreover, we also repair and replace auto glass. Call us now to hire our services.  
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