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What is Rock Chip Repair? How Does it Work? What and How of Rock Chip Repair

You may be a careful driver, yet a roadside mishap can take place because driving comes with a certain risk. Be mindful of your surroundings and other cars. But, some accidents are inevitable such as rock chips. A small rock can easily propel into thin air and damage your auto glass. Since auto glasses are fragile, any minor effect can damage the glass. Read further to remain vigilant and protect your windshield.

Why Can’t Rock Chip Be Ignored?

It’s a general misconception among vehicle owners that rock chips are of least worry. But a rock chip or minor crack can be a bigger problem with time.  The crack enlarges with time, damaging the entire glass, and will eventually require replacement. With lightweight auto glass installed for fuel mileage, rock chip damage has become common. This means your vehicle is more likely to face a rock chip crack in the windshield that will spread across the glass. Another reason you can’t ignore a chip is because the windshield ensures proper airbag deployment at the time of a rollover. With a rock chip in your windshield, it will be 60-70% less likely to protect at the time of an accident.

How Does Rock Chip Repair Work?

The process is simple:
  • Create vacuum over the crack
  • Remove moisture and air
  • Inject resin into the cracked area
  • Fill and penetrate the micro crack
  • Pull off vacuum
  • Apply UV light to harden the resin

Things to Keep in Mind

While rock chip is repairable, it’s better to be vigilant and prevent potential damage.

Drive Safe

Drive carefully and be aware of your surroundings. Notice road debris, airborne rocks, and inclement weather. Avoid driving during windy and foggy weather, tailgating, or driving closer to a gravel-pulling truck.

Get Professional Help

Rocks chips demand quick action. If your windshield is chipped, get a professional to inspect the glass. Professional consultation helps treat the chip early on for the operational safety of your vehicle. If your windshield has been subjected to a minor crack or rock chip, get professional help from Auto Glass in San Antonio. We offer windshield repair and auto glass repair in San Antonia. Our trained technicians make sure the crack is repaired so you can keep your original factory glass. We also offer windshield replacement services. Check out our services or contact us to get a free estimate.
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